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how many week's for 3 stone


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depends on average wieght loss hun, if you lose like 6lbs average it will take longer that an average of 10pounds
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first week ya can lose alot but like roddy said it depends on the avereage person on what they want to achieve. The normal that LT recommends is 1 stone a month so ideally it will take ya 3 months!! Welcome aboard and gud luck on your journey, take care


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Yeah they say around a stone a month...thats sticking to it by the letter good luck!
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everyone looses there weight differently so as a rough guide for a female on LT it would be a stone a month so 3 month roughly
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As everyone has said, LT say a stone a month for us ladies, although it does tend to be more the first month and I found it tailed off as I got towards my target so I'd say aim for the May Day Bank Holiday weekend and be pleasantly surprised if it is sooner.

Good luck hun.


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I lost my first 3 stone in 10 weeks, just been struggling to get back on, made a bit easier now with the team challenge. XX


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Hi Sarah, cos I've got a lot to lose I'm hoping to reach my 3 stones by about 8 weeks. It sounds a lot to lose so quickly but as I said I have about 7 or 8 stones to lose in all. Good luck on your journey!


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Yep it all depends, My friend who recommend LT to me lost over 5 stone in 3 months!!
thanks guys its so hard every were i go they is somthing to do with food lol but i am so sticking to this its my birthday on the 1st of may so i would like to start refeed then xx


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Should be 3 months, I lost my 3rd stone in 2 months and 13 days, which was my weigh in last week saturday. My younger sister lost her 3rd stone in less than this.

Depends on the person really.

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