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How much "BOOZE" do you drink?


Alway see the love x
Just wondering what we all drink, (if at all) how much and how often?

I drink EVERYTHING (OH wrote that GGrrrr get off my page) As I was saying, I drink red wine but Im finding it hard to just have the 1 (glass hee hee) I would be happy to have it every night ( dont we all....TUT TUT the wine hee hee)

So, how much?
How often?
Does it effect your weigh-ins?

Chin Chin my lovely`s

Woofy-on-the-wine :D X
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Carpe diem, baby!
I only have alcohol every now and then and didn't have it more often before I ate the way I do now...

They say spirits are the one to stick with on atkins...I do like a tot of whisky or the occasional beer (cobra with the curry last night) when I do succumb...

As for weigh in...I'm not doing that at the mo...just maintaining (so how do I know if I am maintaining if I don't weigh myself? Dunno just know and my clothes fit the same as before)


Alway see the love x
I need to change to spirits then..... I will do my best to drink all my red wine to get it out the way like lol.......

Vodka ka ka here I come!!!!!

Woofy X

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
hey hunnie , dont think red wine is too to bad on the carb front , but obviously not a great deal. im not a big drinker , never have been as my dad is a recovering alcoholic. ive seen the mass damage the disease can inflict on a family so ive always been super carefull just in case , but saying that i worked on cruise liners for years and never 'sucumbed' to the disease and the atmosphere is rife for that kind of thing to develop.
anyway im waffling again , :D basically i drink very little when hubby is away as it makes me feel rough as dogs:jelous: and its a feeling i dont like :0)
do tend to indulge more in the red wine when hubbie is home but i pile on the pounds way to fast .
anyway ive gone on too long as per so ill bugger off now :D
I have one glass of wine a day, but then Friday and Saturday nights I have been having 4 or 5 drinks, all sorts, but low carb only. I don't think its affected my loss, but then I don't know as I haven't not drunk!

Before Atkins I was drinking a bottle of red a day, and usually a couple of other drinks too, so I am not sure if the weight I am losing is through the Atkins, or cutting out most of the alcohol! I guess it must be the Atkins mostly :)


Alway see the love x
TT, is that red or white wine?
I love my wine and enjoy having a glass while cooking and again while eating. Ive only been back on the red juice since thursday when we got back from hospital, hadnt touched a drop in 5.5 weeks.Not guilty about it as I enjoy it lol

Woofy X
Usually red, but white is lower in carbs.
I drink a coupele of bottles of Red on a Friday night, and sometimes a couple of large G&T as well. On a sunny Sunday afternoon I might have a G&T mixer in the Garden. I could so easily be an alcoholic, my brother was and it killed him. I used to drink 10 pints of Guiness a night so now is a huge improvement.


Happy to be slim at last
You'll probably find me really boring and I hardly every drink these days. I do like a nice cold vodka and tonic and do also like cava and champagne at a special event. But unfortunately alcohol doesn't agree with medication that I have to take, so I just tend to lay off it.

I do have to say Jim that I do love the occassional very cold guinness. Yum! But mega calories!


Alway see the love x
Like I said, I hadnt touch any for weeks and weeks untill thursday night. Had a chinese and 2 bottles and ive forgotten to stop, been having a glass to a bottle a day with my meals.....
Im going to pull it right back now and just have the 1 glass with evening meal.... Deal!!

Woofy X
Did you drink when you 1st started Atkins?
I did woofy. That's when I swapped from Guiness every night to just red wine on a Friday night love.
I LOVE Guinness! But here you can't get it, just Castle Stout which is rubbish. Still, one less calorific temptation to handle. Not much of a wine or spirits fan. In fact, my genuine favourite drink is....... water! Nothing else has the same cool, thirst-quenching feel for me.
Castle Stout, that's South African isn't it IB?
Yes, the island is a British territory but the closest land is Cape Town, 1200 miles away (FIVE days by ship as no airport) so we get a lot of South African products here. Some good, some rubbish. I think SA probably produces some good stuff but what comes here is mainly the cheap and nasty junk. I miss the EU food labelling. South African legislation doesn't seem to require much info on the packs.


Alway see the love x
Has just opened the wine!!! I know, I know its only 4.30 and its a school nite BUT Ive had such a stressful day, I NEED IT!!!

<<< Offers the wine round to my internet buddies X

Woofy X


Carpe diem, baby!
I LOVE Guinness! But here you can't get it, just Castle Stout which is rubbish.
I used to miss Castle beer and Amarula cream but you can get them all her now and even boerewors up the South African shop in town...and biltong...mmm...I'm from Zim but we enjoyed lots of South African stuff...

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