How much can i lose in 1 month doing....


Hi. i got a box of xenical from my doctor yesterday..i have to take 3 a day.I am 36 male and currently touching 17 stone..not happy at all. i have been a member of a gym before and done swimming daily...with little result.

so this is my last option...and i have one question.

How much weight can i lose in one month if i take these 3 pills a day and eat ONLY baked potatoes,baked beans,muesili and dried fruit.
i drink tea,but with no sugar..
Please...i am not concerned at all with "it can be dangerous" etc.. i am actually hoping the pills make me so ill i cant eat at all..i need to lose lots of weight fast..6 stone at least.,.. more if possible so that i look really thin...i cant stand being fat any more i only want to lose a mountain of weight... doing these exercise programs does nothing...they fail for me anyway.the pills are my last hope of weight lose. yesterday i ate only 2 cupasoups and a baked pototo and small tin of beans... and i felt ok... if i can do this each day how much weight will i lose?
i need an idea...if its only a stone or less then i must try other more drastic measures.

please if anyone here has lost several stone through these pills let me know how you did it... cos my only goal is to lose 6 stone... no less. if i cant do it then i gotta maybe see about some surgery..

ok thanks for your time.

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If you continue under eating your body will go into starvation mode and start to hang on to fat. Also, Xenical helps to block a certain amount of fat that you eat, if you aren't consuming fat, then it doesn't work.

For the best results you should follow a healthy calorie controlled diet and get lots of excersize. If you read through some of the diaries here you'll see lots of folk having achieved alot this way.


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Things will work out and with you eating a proper diet - as in food.
Dont get me wrong, not fine to continue your weight gain lifestyle, but read the tips and ways people are doing it and dont cut back too much - more bad rahter than good I expect.
Have a word with redkoala - I am sure he can put you on the right track.


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Hello warren, first off welcome to the forums.

After reading your post i am shocked to be honest your whole vision of weightloss and Xenical is totally wrong. And i think is why loosing weight in the past had failed for you.

I'm not going to bore you with facts and figures but the simple fact is if you fail to intake a right amount of calories a day then you not loose weight! Under eating doesnt do anything other than cause damage to your organs. Will effect your concentration and will have serious effects on your future.

Xenical is a 'lifestyle' drug, it's main purpose is to make you change your way of eating by forcing side effects on you if you dont. Over time you learn to take more care over what you eat and how much you eat. Xenical like most things need fuel to work (food). If you're not eating enough fat then the pills will have no effect what so ever and you will fail to loose weight. If you are so set on the 'i dont care i wont eat anything' then there isn't much either me or anyone else can help or give advice on.

One sugguestion i would make is take a look at Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal | enter your stats and you will get all the required figures of calories in order for you to loose weight. You can also keep a food diary to keep track of you progress.

The BIGGEST key to loosing weight is simple. Eat right and get plenty of exercise. Xenical help you, it wont do it for you. You need to work Xenical into a HEALTHY program of food and exercise. I have lost 3 stone with Xenical since Augest i'm in no rush to loose it overnight and struggle to loose excess skin ect. It's also common knowledge the faster you loose it the more likey you are to gain it back.

Your weightloss will differ from everyone elses. No two people will loose the same or at the same pace. Again this is down to the individual commitment to food and exercise. The better you get and more exercise you do the more you loose.

If you need anymore more help just ask i'm more than willing to share what i have learnt with my experience of weightloss.



the reason i gotthe pills was cos i was at my doctors anyway for another reasoni told him that my weight gain was making me severley depressed and i wanted some kind of weight losing pills.i had no idea what pills they were until i looked em up when i got home yesterday around noon.
so, should i not bother with these pills at all? are there any pills that cut out your apitite almost completely? thats what i want to do.i cant see how eating MORE with pills makes you lose weight??? that doesnt make any sense to me at all.surely if you eat less you lose weight... i only want my appitite to decrease... by any way possible. so far i have not had any effects from these pills ive had 6 now, all i know is that im not craving snacks or wanting big meals...
im even more confused now...


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Warren, i would make a appoinment with a dietitian or nutritionist you're clearly confused about the whole weightloss process and you have completly the wrong consept about it. Eating less will NOT help you loose weight. It's all about eating the RIGHT foods and getting what your body NEEDS to fuction.

Are you even aware of what xenical does and how it will aid weightloss?

The only other weightloss pill i know that reduces appitie was reductil. But they have banned it across Europe due to health reasons.

surely if you eat less you lose weight..
Wrong it's all about eating the RIGHT foods not less of it. Watching calories and fat.

Also you're saying you dont crave snacks or big meals. Then why is your main purpose to get a apitite supression drug? You only have side effects from Xenical if you get to much fat and by reading what your eating you're not.
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Hi Warren - firstly I'm sorry to hear that your weight has made you so depressed, but it's great you're looking to get help.

I'm in a similar position to you, having been prescribed xenical with no real information from my doctor. Reading the leaflet and looking online is the only way I've found anything out about it!

I can only really give you advice from my personal opinion - in that I don't believe there is a magic or quick fix to sustainable weight loss, regardless of how it comes off we've got to work at it and change the lifestyle that caused us to gain weight in the first place.
Honestly, I don't think you should be limiting yourself to the few foods you mentioned, you're much more likely to fall off that wagon restricting yourself so severely and having little or no variety surely?

Why don't you go back to the doctors and see if you talk things through in more detail?

Good luck and take care x


I think i will have to follow the PiinkPunkstar method maybe since i just saw her chart and she has lost loads in under a year... it gives me hope anyway ;-)
i will let you know how i get on ofcourse.gonna have to work out a routine i guess.
thanks anyway.


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PiinkPunk has done very well, but as she will tell you and i know she visits the gym/swim/hip hop classes everyday. She is a very commited woman and takes her weightloss seriously but does it the right way.

I'd love to see how you get on warren keep us posted :p Goodluck.


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help im on oristat

hi ive been on oristat for a month have lost 8lbs but this week ive put on 1 and half ive exercised more and watched what i ate so whats gone wrong im so upset please can any one help debbie x


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This could be down to many reasons debbie one of them being TOTM? You really dont have to explain that to me maybe one of the ladies can help you on this. Have you been weighed on your normal day?

Getting weighed say half way through the week will always show wrong results.


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no red i dont have that problem any more due to me having cancer 3 years ago im fine now in remission i dont think im doing the diet right i go to the gym 5 days aweek so its not that debbie x


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I would go check out Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal | its very good for keeping a track of you daily intake and will give you all the figures like calories you need to stick to ect. I wouldn't be able to do this without it.

It may have just been one of those weeks. I havnt gained weight since doing this but i have STS a few times. The only advice i can give is double check your intake which that site helps alot with and put this week behind you and see how you get on next week. Don't get dishearted 8lbs you've have lost shows you can do it!



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I agree with everything stated above.
Xenical is NOT an appetite suppressant - it works by clinging onto a third of the fat in the food you eat, and passing this fat out of your body in your stools.
This means that two thirds of the fat you eat is still retained in your body in the normal way.

The side effects occur when you eat food with too much fat (as Red explained, this is why people feel more motivated to eat healthily when they're taking Xenical - but there's no chemical suppressing the appetite)

You do need to maintain a healthy number of calories while you're losing weight, or your body will go into 'starvation mode'.
If you start eating as few calories as you plan to, at first you may lose a few pounds quite quickly, but then your body will think "wooooaahhh, what's happening food coming in", and it will cling onto every calorie you consume, thinking that you are starving!
Better to eat healthily and do some exercise if you can, to keep your metabolism going. People do have amazing weightlosses on Xenical (eg PiinkPunkstar and Red), because it does speed things up a little, but not in the way you're describing.

I really do sympathise with you, as I'm currently starting my weight loss journey for the third time after losing and regaining almost 8 stone. Some days I hate the fact that it's going to take so long, and that I'm re-treading old ground, but I know I'll get there in the end.
These forums are an excellent source of inspiration and supoprt, and I'm sure everybody will be behind you in your aim to lose weight, but please do it healthily - don't do anything drastic and end up making yourself ill.


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hi ive been on oristat for a month have lost 8lbs but this week ive put on 1 and half ive exercised more and watched what i ate so whats gone wrong im so upset please can any one help debbie x

Debbie, are you eating enough? If you've increased your exercise a lot, you may need to eat a few more calories to keep things ticking along.
Maybe you could set up a food diary thread and post the things you're eating each day. I'm sure everybody would be glad to give you a few tips if there's anything glaringly wrong with your diet.
Try not to lose hope though, sometimes it can be just because you haven't been to the loo, or because you had a big meal or anything llike that. Your overall weight loss is great x


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hi Alex thank you for your help i have porridge with skimmed milk for breakfast then for dinner maybe 2 toast with 10g of flora light and some beans then ww yogurt and a sasuma then eve meal i have 100g of chicken pots broc carrots and i small yorkshire then maybe low fat rice pudding does that look ok debbie x


Thing that has ALWAYS put me off diet programmes is there are millions of them all over the place.Thing is i dont want to eat.If i eat then i just wish i would puke it straight out again.
I need a daily food plan but there are so damn many i have no idea at all if they will work or not.
today i have eaten.
bowl of cereal.(fruit and fibre)
2 cuppa soups
1 tin of cheap ravioli
1 cracker with a half slice of cheese
1 glass of vimto
and about 4 cups of tea.

no set routin no nothing.ive had 3 of those tablets aswell. mornin noon and at 4 pm.

i fell ok and not hungry at all and dont need the toilet either...
tommorow i have no idea what i will do.


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You need to eat more then that. The reason you won't lose weight if you don't eat is because your body goes into starvation mode so clings onto the fat. And then when you next eat your body will cling on to as much fat as possible from that meal to get itself ready incase its starved again.

Eat no more then 5g of fat per 100g and no more then 15g of fat per meal, look on the food packets and work it out that way.

But you must eat.


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Hi I agree with everything everyone else has said. You really need to eat more to get results with these tablets.

Having read over what you've said a few times now I think you need to go back to your GP and talk things through with them a little bit more. I get quite cross that there are so many of us who have been prescribed these tablets by our GP's and very few of us were given the proper information on how to use them.

This is my second attempt on Xenical, unlike yourself the first time round I used them as an excuse to eat all the wrong stuff thinking I wouldn't put any weight on. I lasted 3 days and gave up after lots of side effects. This time round I've put thought into what I'm doing and have decided that I am worth losing weight for and want to do it the correct way, ie healthily. I think Red is spot on with the website he has given you, I used it when I started and have been taking the calories it suggests ever since and have lost weight slowly and steadily ever since. It is the best way of trying to keep the weight off at the end.

I'm sorry you are so depressed by your weight. If you have a look I was a similar weight to you when I started and whilst I never had full blown depression I can understand partly where you are coming from. If you continue to eat so little you will not feel any better infact you will set yourself up for a starve/binge cycle which from experience makes you feel much worse. Unfortunately we are all in this for the long haul and there is no easy way round it. However when we're done we are all going to look amazing, whenever that will be:D

Good luck



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Debbie, what you're eating sounds fine to me. I don't know if anybody else has any thoughts?? Other than that, are you drinking enough? I tend to get a bit bloated and bunged up if I don't.
I'd give it another week, maybe post a few more days worth of food, and see how you do after that. Hopefully this is just a blip, but we should be able to spot what's going wrong if not.

Warren, I'm sure I'm not the only person who's concerned about your feelings towards food and dieting in general. This is only meant in a caring way, and I'm no expert, but have you talked to your GP about this at all? I'm wondering (as somebody else mentioned earlier) whether a dietician might be helpful to you.
You're right, there are so many diet plans out there, but we at the end of the day, what works for me, may not work for you. Whatever plan you decide to follow, it needs to be something sustainable (as this won't happen overnight), and not a fad diet that cuts out any of the major food groups.
Some people on here follow Weight Watchers, some do Slimming World, others count calories and some just look at fat content (and some do other things entirely), but we all do things slightly differently in a way, and no plan is the 'best'.