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How much coke/coffee etc?

Right .....Im going to have to lay off the coke ;) hahah, diet coke that is!
Im only having about a litre of water a day, but 2 or3 cans of diet coke and a few coffees or teas.

Things have slowed right down. On wednesday I was 10st bang on, yesterday I was 9.13.8 and today Im 9.13.6, so its going very slowly this week. I know I shouldnt be looking every day, and Im going to put the scales away until Wednesday (WI day)

I think its because Im not drinking as much water as I should, and Im drinking lots of coke/caffiene.

What do you think?
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When I was on dietchef, I drank one cup of coffee a day and a couple of cans of diet coke. My weight slowed down a bit during the third week so I thought I would experiment by cutting out the coffee and the diet coke too, and I started losing quicker again!

I def think diet coke and coffee can effect the rate of your weight loss.


Feeling great in 2012!
Well my weight loss has been slow the last 9 days (before the V&T!) and I don't drink anything other than black decaf tea and plain water so I can't blame the coffee / pop on mine slowing down.
Right ....thanks all! It has now gone :( I LOVE coke and may have a slight addiction! I will stick to a coffee on a morning and tea on a night, water all other times.

I do like water though, so will manage to get a few litres a day. I remember the VLCD motto of 'the more you drink, the more you shrink' hahahah!!
Boarders thats what I love and hate about VLCD, the losses can be huge, but then you get these standstills, gahhhhhh!!
Hang in there though your doing fab!
I always drink it and losses have been fine...... i wouldnt want to do without it....too much punishment and i would just crave other stuff!! lol
I know what you mean, so far I havent had one yet, but if I reaaaaally fancy one I will have one!
i had a red bull sugar free today and 2 bottles of pepsi max.... not made me hungry or anything! nice too :)
Try asda diet cherry coke! Even if you want to stay in mild ketosis it won't knock you out :) and it helps when I need my "coke fix"!!

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