How much damage have I done?


I have stuck rigidly to the diet for 16 weeks and have lost 5 stone 4lb.

Yesterday I went to a really posh wedding. I knew that the meal was costing 70 quid a head, and I had decided that I would eat the meal, but try and avoid carbs if possible.

It was really strange eating at first!!!
I avoided the bread roll,
I had melon as a starter,

for main course I had a salad which had tomato, various kinds of lettuce, asparagus and cheese (mozzarella i think) and some croutons (which I tried to avoid)(oh and it also had an oil based dressing)

The desert was a bailies mousse in a chocolate basket, and I had about 2 tsp of the mousse, though managed to leave most of it.

Things were going ok, but then I had a glass of champagne, then another one, then about 6 glasses of white wine. (I know, AA for me after ive finished Cambrige!)

My saving grace was that I completely avoided the evening buffet (which looked wonderful)...In all honesty I think I only avoided it because I completely had my drinking head on!!!

This morning I got right back on the wagon, have decided that I will stick to the shakes and have no bars and drink gallons of water (if only to help with the hangover!!!)

My questions are...
  • will I still lose this week, or end up putting weight on? ps weigh in is on Thursday
  • How long will it take to get back into ketosis?
  • Are the next few days going to be like those awful first three days of the diet?
Polly xxx:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
Polly im not sure on your answers so ill ask a cdc to post as soon as I can for you to hopefully put your mind at ease.

Hi wecandothis, hope you enjoyed the wedding. I would try to forget about it and just carry on. I had two meals out last week and tried to choose wisely. I didn't weigh for about 3 days and found that I was only a couple of pounds heavier. By the end of a week of SSing I was a pound lighter! It took me three days to get back into ketosis. I would just carry on as before and put it behind you (not literally) any small amount you may have gained will soon be lost.

good luck:)
Hiya WCDT,
I have asked a cdc to post as soon as one comes on line!

Hi Polly

It's possible the alcohol and food you consumed kicked you out of ketosis, which will mean you may have to go through those first three days again. Also, with any carbs consumed your refill your glycogen store so you if you got on the scales you would see an artificial gain of a few pounds.

I would suggest knocking back loads of water, avoiding the scales til Thursday and getting straight back on the plan. You went, you had a good time, now put it behind you.

BTW congrats on your losses to date - you are doing great :cool:
Thanks for your quick replies!!!

I am checking on the net for carb values in what I ate and have discovered that the melon I had contained almost as many carbs as the bread roll which I managed to pass on!!!

(should have done my research first!!)

Partner now telling me to stop stressing about it!!!

Polly x
Hi Polly

I can only reiterate what the others have said, you did it, it is done so there is no point in getting hung up on it.

We did a session on crooked thinking a few weeks ago on my LL diet and it was like a light going on in my head - basically in the past I would have freaked out about any "cheating" and let it lead to my downfall - well I may as well have cheat the next day as well, until I get weighed and then after weigh in I can have one last meal and so on.

Not any more, I fell off the wagon pretty spectacularly a couple of weeks ago - I had FOUR OR FIVE bars of chocolate - but it was done, I couldn't undo it and there is nothing at all I could do was put a bracket around it and move on. I have been abstinent again for two weeks ago, that week I didn't lose any weight, last week I lost 5lbs and this week (well from Monday) I have lost 3lbs.

If I hadn't put that bracket around the day I most certainly would be eating normally again by now.

Please put it out of your mind now, you have done great and you had a lovely night, so enjoy the memory and good luck with the rest of your journey.
Your partner is right. As D_Q says you may gain a little weight but its only glycogen and water and will come off quickly. Start glugging all the water and get back on track you will not really have done any damage you just need to get back into ketosis and this could happen really quickly.

Weddings, Birthdays, family events are part of life and we must accept them as that. No guilt just get back on track.

So far your weight loss is excellent.

Thanks for your quick replies!!!

I am checking on the net for carb values in what I ate and have discovered that the melon I had contained almost as many carbs as the bread roll which I managed to pass on!!!

(should have done my research first!!)

Partner now telling me to stop stressing about it!!!

Polly x

Dont worry about it, stressing out and pulling your hair out because you let go for a day, at a WEDDING! Its not like your Diary is booked out for the next 10 days with weddings (unless your a wedding planner of course). So stop beating yourself up!

Just reflect that you enjoyed your day, you ate and didnt feel socialy awkward. Now put your head back into getting on the diet and continuing on to your goal!

How about saying to yourself that this weeks blip won't affect next weeks weigh in even though it will affect this one and leave it at that?

You know that next week you go back to getting results without compromise :D
I think life is for enjoying, so you had a few naughty drinkies? So what? Does that negate the FANTASTIC job you have done so far? No it does not. So you may be a day or two later getting to goal, thats ok, you will be at goal for the rest of your life so whats a day or two? Weddings should be enjoyed, you deserved a celebration, you had it, now stop worrying about it. You are doing so well, you have learnt lots of good new habits, so you are on track for a slim life. Well Done You!
I am with barb on this one. You had fun and enjoyed the day. So it puts you back a few days - just get back on track and glug lots of water ot get you back to where you want to be. :)
Hi Polly,

I echo everything that has been said already to support you on this. I hope you have stopped worrying a bit now.

5 stone 4 lbs ARE NOT undone or invalidated by one wedding celebration!!!!!;)

Best Wishes,

Lacey x