How much did you lose in your 1st week?


I am starting CD tomorrow, saw my CDC today. I can't wait to get going!!

I was just wondering how much people have lost in their first week. I know we are all different and I am not asking for an idea of how much I might lose, I am just being curious!

So, if you don't mind, please post below your first week WI result with how much you have to lose in total (also wondering if how much you have to lose affects how much you might lose in week 1)

I will post mine next Sunday. I will be thrilled with anything!!`
i had between 6 1/2 & 7 1/2 stone to lose (i say that cos i'm not sure what i want to get to)
i lost 10 1/4 lbs in the first week.
good luck on your first week, keep strong & keep posting
Hi, and good luck on starting tomorrow. I started 10 days ago and the first few days are hard but it really does get easier.
I have 4 to 4 1/2 stone to lose and in my first week I lost 12 1/2lbs.
Nikki x
Got 8 st 12 to lose and lost 16 lbs in my first week, then 5 lbs this week! :cool: But this isn't my first time doing SS - the first I had nearly 13 stone to lose and lost 13.5 lbs in my first week, so it definitely varies!
I lost 5lbs! in my 1st week

I would like to loose 3 stone as its my birthday in april!!


I lost 17lbs on my first week and i had about 7 stone to loose.
Good luck with your journey.......must update my ticker!
Well done bunnyg. I have about 8 stone to loose :(
I had my weigh in yesterday, and I lost 16lbs.
Feels good doesn't it?? :D :D
I Lost 15lbs In My First Week And Am Going For My 2nd Weigh In Tomorrow! I Need To Lose About 10stone In Weight (big Sigh...)
i lost 12lb in my first week, going to do the same this week as its week 1 again!