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How much did you lose in your first week of SS?


I'm 5'7 and a bit and started at 20stone - lost 13lbs the first week :D



My husband = My hero
Hiya I'm 5ft 7 and a half like GG was 20st and also like GG lost 13lbs!

How spooky!! Xx
Freaky Lauren :D


My husband = My hero
2 peas in a beautiful pod chick xx
2 peas in a beautiful pod chick xx
Lol :D

I ordered a lace basque and matching string set as incentive and currently it looks tiny! I'm about 3 times (minimum) as wide as it! Would probably fit my thigh :rolleyes:. Anyway i've a photo of it on my phone and am hanging it in my bathroom as inspiration :)



My husband = My hero
Good idea chick!!

I need to do something similar! Never bought lingerie as I would look like a boiled sweet in shiny paper lol xxxx
Lol... I know the feeling. This was only £20 so I figured it was a relatively cheap option. Doesn't look that cheap mind you :D


My husband = My hero
Fab!! Keep in mind the day you put it on and it fits!! Xx


please try again
im 5ft 2, started at 23st 6lb and lost 14lb my first week

after my weeks holiday i was 17st 2lb and lost 13lb that restart week
I'm 5foot 6 and a half (the half is important!) and weighed 17 stone 3lbs. I lost 9lbs the first week
i'm 5 foot 6 and weighed 15' 7 and lost 11lbs my first week. i'm back on it after a two month break ( had a baby and was returning to work after mat leave) x
thanks for all your posts guys, so motivating! i would love to lose 8lb in my first week do you think this is doable for my start weight/height? being very optimistic ide love to lose 10lb but will be happy with what i get, im in this for the long haul :D

nicci x

It's such an unpredictable thing.. the first week weightloss.. depends on how long it takes you to get into ketosis, your metabolism, how much water retention you have etc.

Just focus on getting through the week and then let the weigh in be a pleasant suprise (whatever it is).



Slowly but surely x
I lost 8lbs but I'm on the 810 cd plan. It's good considering I get to eat a small high protein meal. I think I might stay on it, actch :)
I am 5.5" and originally weighed 17st 6lb and in my first week i lost 10.5lb.

I took a break for 5 months and came back weighing 15st 6lb and lost 19lb in my first week:D
I'm 5ft 6" weighed 21st 12lbs and loss 18lbs the first week

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