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How much difference does the LLC/Group make?

Hi everyone. I'm on day 10 of LL and, to be honest, am contemplating a switch to CD. I was looking forward to the group work as I'd heard about LL from a friend who lost 10 stone and found the counselling side invaluable.

Thing is, my experience so far hasn't been great. The meetings seem to be a bit chaotic. Just lots of chatting etc while people are being weighed (which is good in itself but goes on too long) then a DVD while the LLC fusses in and out making up foodpack orders - all the while switching off her mobile that keeps ringing. By the time we actually start the formal part of the session with her it's about 90 minutes gone - things are rushed and I feel frustrated. Also, although there are nice folk in my group, a lot of them they talk and laugh through parts of the DVD and I miss big bits of it.

Have studied Psychology, read Dr Phil's Weight Solution etc so not much of it is new to me. I thought that the difference this time might be the group dynamics, but am feeling disappointed.

Next week we don't even have a meeting - can just pop in the next day for a weigh in - and it's still costing the same £66.

Anyone made the switch to CD happily - or have any other thoughts?
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Sounds like you might have a poor LLC. Our group sessions are fantastic. When we arrive our bags of packs are out ready for us, we get weighed and do a test stick; whilst we are waiting for the DVD we have a chat, see how our weeks have been etc. Its very positive and supportive.

Once we have watched the DVD, we always have at least 1 and half hours counselling, which has always been, to me, invaluable.

Next week, we only have a pop-in, as due to things beyond her control both the LLc and her locum cannot be at group on the Thursday; she has however said that she will tack an extra week on the end of the 14, in effect next week we will read this weeks chapter in the books, and carry on from there.

Maybe we are just lucky, but I sincerely beleive our LLC is great. I thought they were all trained to the same standard, but maybe not??

Best of luck anyway,
Hi Carokokos,
My experience is the same as yours so far, a maximum of 1/2 hour counselling per session so far. Counsellor is nice and the orders are already done when we arrive so shes organised, its just that our group has 12 people! (nice group as well) so it takes ages to weigh everyone. Only on day 19 so maybe it will settle down once everyone knows what they're doing and have less questions. I hope so because as a yo-yo dieter for all my life (since age of 9!!!) I need to sort out my reasons for overeating and learn new coping mechanisms when life gets on top of me and I would normally turn to food. I'm finding the diet itself straight forward and haven't wavered at all. But desperately need the counselling, going to see how next week goes and will have a word with my counsellor if its still the same. Like you say its a lot of money per week if the counselling's not there! From the posts on this site CD seems as successful as LL and the CD counsellors give lots of support to their members even without the group sessions.
Good luck whatever you decide.


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When I did LL, I loved my group. Back when I did it there weren't DVD, just rubbish old tapes with a very 80's styled women on it (mulitcoloured jacket with shoulderpads). The counselling wasn't up to much, my LLC actually got fired about a year and a half ago so that tells you about the quality!!

I think one of the huge differences between Lighterlife and Cambridge is the counselling and if you are not getting the counselling what exactly are you paying for?

Have you thought about maybe changing LLC's? The counselling can be a great help if in the right situation. If you feel you are gaining nothing from it, even if done properly - then I'd probably think seriously about changing over to Cambridge.


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I was in a very small LL group - 5 of us so we got lots of attention ! LLC did weigh us on arrival and put our food packs up while we watched the DVD but we got well over an hour and did work our way through the foundation handbook, did the activities and did do homework ! A very good LLC. But I think the LLC makes the group so if you get one as chaotic as yours it was be worth a swap. You could mention to her that you expected to do more "head stuff" and see what she says ?

I personally (although I am on CD now as I am moving to an area with no LL) don't think I could have just gone to foodpacks without the head stuff. I mean I would have just caved in at the first craving without thinking about what was going on for me. I think to do CD from scratch must be hard. If I hadn't done LL I don't think I would have achieved like I have. But I totally sympathise with your dissapointment


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Maybe being a bit thick here but how are your food packs already made up when you arrive?
Do you have to ring your order through in advance or do you all have the same every week?
My LL counsellor goes from the same sheet each week then you can swap any you've changed your mind about. Theres not as many packs to choose from on LL than on CD.


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I am on LL...ours always makes them up while we watch the DVD, its not a bad thing though just wondered.......
I think tha answer for me depends o how long you've beein the the group...it always take time for things to settle & I always go on ago 6 times for any new project. Even f your LLC is n good you can do stuff at home & find yourself a buddy to talk things through with but these things do take time to develop...For me there is no question at this stage - f I dont sort the head stuff out I'll never crack this PLUS you have the added bonus of seeing people blossom before you which is lovely! A very personal decision though! Can you have a chat with the LLC about your disappointment or start again with another LLC? At the end of the day they should be following a prog but as we've all seen they can be "varied!!" in ability & approach! Hope you resolve it for yourself :)
I'm not quite sure what the training is like for an LLC, or what the criteria is to become one, but I'm really struggling with mine. The fact that our group has now recently gone down to a group of 4 has not helped. She is wonderful at the practical elements of the course and now that we're half way through our first 100 days the practicalities are pretty much dealt with. We no longer seem to need to have that hour long conversation around what exactly you can and can't do with a mushroom foodpack!

So the fact that we now have a teeny group and a load of time should be an absolute luxury but it's not. My LLC is a wonderful woman - so supportive and positive, but I think I need to be really challenged on the head stuff and she just doesn't know enough to challenge me in the way that I need. Sorry if this sounds negative on a board which is so full of optimism and helpful support!! At the moment I couldn't do without the help I've had here :D I've been to see my GP to see if there are any other councillors in my area - not LLC's but very experienced CBT therapists who deal specifically with food issues. I've got a few numbers to try. So whilst this is another cost, I'm thinking I want to stick with LL as it's really working on the practical support front and the weight loss. But I do need some extra support and I think now is the time to get it!
I've had such a bad night tonight and for the first time in 45 days thought I was going to cave. I know its because its Easter break and I felt so resentful that I couldn't be in the pub getting legless, or out having a lovely dinner with friends. I was so out of control earlier, I honestly don't know how I got myself out of it. All I do know is that if I was back on food the whole thing would've escalated. That really worried me as I've been feeling so strong about new thoughts! Clearly a long way still to go for me.
Tiger girl hang in there! Its always tough at w/e, never mind when you feel like billy no mates! Try & fcus on how fab you'll feel when you get there & have a peek at the befre & after shots for inspiration - some people look SO different! Also loo at how well you've done! 36 is FAB!! Can you bok yourself an alternative treat like a massage/facial etc instead of what you would have spent or go to the cinema so you get to go out & enjoy but just not by getting legless?!! Tried to pm you but not allowed to yet as not sure you've posted enough but just wanted to say dont give up!!
Thanks for your lovely message ISOM...
I've got a load of stuff planned in for the weekend so fingers crossed today/tonight was just a one off. Really had quite a moment earlier! It all got a bit too much for me I think. Up until now I've felt unstoppable so I was really shaken up when the wobbles hit. I am really proud and pleased of the loss so far though and I genuinely can't imagine throwing it all in at this stage. Also, I've been totally and utterly in 100% abstinence and intend to stay that way :D
Thanks for the replies everyone. ISOM, you're quite right in that I could do stuff at home and with a buddy, but am thinking I could do that whilst paying half the price on CD rather than LL.
Tiger - that's a good idea - I think maybe I'll also ask my GP if we have any CBT specialising in eating etc in my area. I think that might be a really interesting experience.

So many of you seem to derive such great benefit from the groups and I'm really chuffed for you.


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Well done tiger girl for staying strong and getting through your wobbly moment :p

Carokokos, good idea you have there. I'm another one who thinks the group is invaluable, and of course the Counsellor ;) Hopefuly your sessions will pick up soon, have you had a word with your counsellor???

Keep shaking everyone :D

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