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How Much Do You All Gain?


Becoming Un-Frumpy!

I wasn't sure where to post this question as it's not specific to any one diet, so I've put it on a couple of boards (sorry if I shouldn't do that Mods :eek:)

How much, if anything, do you all gain at totm? Do you gain beforehand or only on the day it starts? Do you find that the gain completely goes or does any surplus hang around (!!) ?

Sorry for the questions, but it's really puzzling me. I have been dieting for years going from club to club and fad to fad! But I have always been on the pill and never gained any weight at totm. For the past year I've been off the pill and totm has been all over the place, I was due 10 days ago. I'm def not pregnant :)eek:) but I feel like it's gonna arrive today. When I weighed myself this morning I'd gained 1.75lb since yesterday!

Anyway, i'm sure it's totm, but just wanted to check with you all (if you don't mind the personal questions ;)) what you gain, when you gain it and whether it vanishes again!

Thanks, as always :)
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I can gain anything between 4 and 7 lbs!!! - and that is on the pill! I do find drinkining lots of water helps though! I gain a couple of days beforehand, and then it seems to have gone a couple of days into it.

Lea x


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I use to gain between 5 to 7 pounds.:)
I've noticed that since I've been OFF the pill, I'm gaining at least 3-5 pounds. And my stomach is really puffy! It's actually totm for me right now and nothing fits! :(
I usually gain about 3-4lb. Its a pain isn't it.
Now that I lost weight I gain about 2-3 lbs
S: 15st5lb C: 12st8lb G: 8st11lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 2st11lb(18.14%)

i usually gain 5lb a few days before then 3 during i just drink lots of water. im going to try out 1000cal diet for 10 days see what happens im now 11.3 and 3 quarters id LOVE to be under ten but im stuck cant stop eating crap got nothing in the cupboard and im poor :cry:but this is the diet ill be on next week
Drinks throughout the day can include water, black tea and/or coffee without sugar and negligible calorie carbonated drinks such as Diet Coke.

This menu provides 1000 calories, 60g protein, 145g carbohydrate, 21g fat.

  • Banana sandwich made with 2 small slices of wholemeal bread and a small banana.
  • 200ml glass of orange juice
Morning Snack

  • 100g pot of low fat fruit yoghurt

  • 1 wholemeal roll (45g) filled with 70g tuna (canned in brine) and 10g reduced calorie mayonnaise
  • Mixed salad of 50g lettuce, 50g red or yellow sweet peppers, 10g spring onions.
Afternoon Snack

  • 28g bag of lower fat crisps (eg. Walkers Lites)

  • 70g Roast Chicken breast (without skin)
  • 80g Potatoes, mashed with 30ml semi-skimmed milk
  • 60g Broccoli, steamed or boiled
  • 50g Carrots, boiled
  • 100ml Gravy (made from granules)

  • 1 serving of low calorie Hot Chocolate Drink made with powder and water (eg. Cadbury's Highlights)
Women will lose 2-4 lbs in a week, men 3-5 lbs in a week, depending on start weight and activity level
Anywhere from 1-3lbs and it falls off when Aunt Flow leaves town again.


Carpe diem, baby!
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1-2 pounds (all retained water not actual fat of course)
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I love this thread - its so helpful! I often think about this myself and wonder if everyone is in the same position.

I usually gain around 2-3 pounds about a day before and it last a couple of days. Once the bloating in my stomach has gone down it is usually back to normal

Miss Q

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Interesting thread. I haven't weighed myself regularly for a long time, but started my diet last week during TOTM, so if I get a really good first loss I'll have to assume that I gain quite alot while on.

Either that or I'm a superstar dieter..... :p
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Now that i have regular(ish) periods, I gain up to 9lbs. I felt absolutley rubbish this month, just waiting for it to leave.


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I gain around 2-3 pounds, but it goes away as fast as it came. I gain it around two days before and goes away two days after my period start.


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I can gain up to 8lbs. I find once the period has stopped, I tend to drop the most weight.

I on purposely take my pill so that I am not "on" during weigh in days. My weigh in day is the first day I start my pill and the first day I stop. I usually get my period and weight gain the day after.

I did however find that on Slimming world as many of my other SWers found themselves that at the beginning my period went into a massive haywire and I ended up with an extra period that lasted two weeks! I really was not well but amazingly the worse I got was a STS on weigh in. But it sorted itself out eventually.


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To be honest, as I have PCOS any period I get, I dont mind the weight gain, as I used to have none. I know the weight comes off afterwards and its just my body telling me its working better. I have never ever had a period every single month ever. So to have one every single month, in a cycle of 30 days, so i can predict when it happens its amazing, I still can't believe it happens every month! x


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TBH i have no idea, sometimes 1lb sometimes i dunno if i have put on anything as ive lost weight. very hard to tell

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