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How much do you spend???


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Don't know if this is in the right place - but i'm sure a kindly mod will come along and move it for me if not (thanks in advance), but how much are you spending on groceries a week? I feel like i'm spending an extortionate amount of money on shopping and just thought i'd find out how much other people manage on, (if you don't mind commenting that is) There's me, hubby, 2 kids and a toddler but i seem to constantly be spending on food! HELP!! :help2:
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I spend literally most of my wages on food - eating healthy may be worth it, but it's a lot more expensive in my experience!

Being newly graduated, I'm yet to start a full time job, so only get £100 a week from working at Wilkinson's - I spent £30 in Aldi last night, spent another £12 walking round Stretford Arndale Centre today, and I don't feel like I have much to show for it. I think I need to start eating a bit more pasta - lots for cheap!

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myself and my partner both do SW and we have a weekly "big shop" of about £80, but we probably have to top that up with another £20 in mullerlights and salad, veg, half way through the week.


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I think I'm going to start making my boyfriend contribute to the food bill. We don't live together, but he's round at mine a lot of the time, and I end up cooking for two. I don't mind, but he has the ability to earn as much as he wants (when he can be bothered doing the work) ;) - so I'll give him a kick up the derriere and make him cough up!

(Although to be fair, he does pay sometimes if we eat out, so maybe I'm being a little harsh)


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I generally spend between 30-35 pounds a week for me and my boyfriend. I dont really understand how slimming world seems to be so expensive for some people? I guess planning is the key, buy the offers and only buy whats on your list! :)


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I think supermarket shopping has gone extortionate. Me and hubby looked at this last month and we are easily spending around £120.00 a week on a sunday, plus we go in during the week for things and adding it up we are probably spending £170.00 a week, maybe more. It grieves me sometimes to spend so much.

There is me, hubby, teenager and toddler so I am trying to plan meals in the week, trying hard not to do three or even four different dinners, shop for things in different places to see if it works out cheaper, ie, I have just been in town and bought four bag fulls of fruit and veg from the greengrocers for just over £10.00 which I am pleased with. I am also going to Home Bargains for things like disinfectant, floor cleaner, kitchen towel, etc. I know that it may be a hassle going to different shops compared to not under one roof but if it works out cheaper I will be a happy bunny :)

I will let you know if it works out cheaper :)


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2 adults, 2 children, baby, 2 cats, 7 guinea pigs - £140 online shopping per week and probably another £20 - £40 during week stocking up on fruit and veg any any missed items off online shopping list. Baby costs around £18 a week on food, milk, snacks so she is not really using it its me and my uncontrollable spending!

Try each week to get it down to £120 - but fail every time. :cry:

Edit to say - "I want a Home Bargains down south!!!"


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There are lots of threads on this and lots of variation in costs it seems. But when one person spends £170 for a family of 4 and another spends £75 then it quite clearly is down to shopping and eating habits. The simple answer is that SW can be as cheap or as expensive as you want or need it to be. If you want it to be less expensive then old-fashioned household management is the answer. I posted a list on a previous thread of ways to make your money go further and will go and dig it out again.


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For me, hubby (and kitty) we spend about £140 a month on a big online shop, then about another £15-25 per week. This obviously includes housy things like loo roll, washing powder etc etc
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I think healthy eating can be more expensive than trash eating as fresh fruit and veg can be expensive.

My weekly food shop has gone up since doing this but my take-away bill is well down. :D
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2AD and 2CH here and I spent about €120 - €140 (which is about £100 - £117) a week. Groceries prices are much higher here and a couple of times a year I go across the border to Northern Ireland to stock up.


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The thing is - hubby has a problem with food too and is a serial over-eater (i can't really say much as i used to be and still can be one) but while he won't do SW with me, i get certain things in for him for his lunches at work etc & low syn things in for me for during the day and for my lunch but instead of taking just the stuff i've gotten for him, he'll take the stuff i've gotten in for him AND the stuff i've gotten in for me and then i have to go shopping again! :mad:
For example - I'll get him normal cheese for him to have in his sandwhiches and babybel lights for me (its the only cheese i eat on SW ) and he'll have his cheese and take babybels to snack on. I'll get him ambrosia custard snack pots and me mullerlights - and he'll take one of each! I'll buy alpen lights for me, brunch bars for him and something for the kids for their lunch boxes and he'll do the same there! Once he's eaten his stash of crisps and chocolate he'll start on my low fat ones!! :mad:
I have explained to him that i get certain things in for SW and ask him if he'd like to have the same things as me and he says no he doesn't want anything special just the 'usual', I've explained that this behaviour is costing me a bloody fortune & he says he's sorry but carries on regardless!!!
Other than the babybels, I would stop buying his things and start just buying the things you use Rayven, just more of them. If hes going to eat the same stuff as you anyway theres no point in treating him to special stuff of his own!! It may also have the knock on effect of making him eat healthier OR realising what hes doing.

Either that or put a padlock on the fridge!! :8855:


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Either that or put a padlock on the fridge!! :8855:
You can laugh - but i actually threatened him with putting a lock on the fridge, or getting my own mini fridge and having a lock on that!! ;) I feel like his mother, telling him what he can and can't have and making his lunch for work for him so he doesn't take stuff i need! The other day you should have seen the size of his lunch for work - 4 rounds of white bread stuffed full of the lean roast beef i'd gotten in to have for lunch myself that day, a mullerlight, a custard, 2 babybels, a brunch bar, a penguin, a bag of walkers baked, an apple, a carrot & he was still hunting around to see what else he could have!!:eek: Its not even like he works a 12 hour shift - he eats before he leaves the house, he works four hours has lunch works another four, comes home, has a sandwhich when he walks in through the door, has his dinner later and then sits in front of the tv munching on a HUGE bar of chocolate or icecream! His eating habits really aren't helping me and I've even gone so far as to beg him to lay off the food and to be a bit more supportive in not going on about food whenever he's not eating it, but to no avail. :(
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I have a similar prob with my oh (nowhere near as bad but equally as annoying :mad:)
When we go shopping I make sure I get my little packets of treats in for the fridge, fudge,mini dairy milk) I know ive got 5 syns thru the week for the end of each day with a cuppa.My oh will eat his way thru his family Bar of cadbury caramels & fruit n nut or what ever else he has decided to throw in the trolley (he seems to just eat what he wants and then take 2 or 3 of mine in one go!!!! god he gets me sooooo mad.....and hes not really fat either :confused: how unfair is that lol


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and then take 2 or 3 of mine in one go!!!!
this is it! He eats his own stuff and then starts on mine and sometimes i'm left with nothing in the fridge that i can have to keep me on plan (cos he's stuffed the lot) and so have to go shopping again!!!
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Either lock the fridge- or lock him in a room away from the food lol:rolleyes: I dont know the answer Im afraid.....im lucky I suppose that my oh just seems to demolish anything that is chocolate, he hates yogurt so thats pretty fab ;) and I could always hide some chocolate - but you're sure going to struggle hiding a fridge :eatdrink051::eek:

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