How much does it take?

Depends on what the food is and how carb sensitive you are.

The best route to take is not to 'test' and find out. Stick with the diet 100% and you'll never have that nagging doubt on weigh-in days. :)
Hi Mungomungo and Welcome!!
These thoughts ran through my head in the begining as the thought of food would not leave me. Don't even go there!!! I am not sure what day you are on but once you get over week 1 you will not even feel hungry and you will have to conciously remind yourself to have the four packs a day.
I wish you lots of luck.
Just keep posting on here as often as you like. There is always someone who will have an answer to any questions as by now you have probably realised that you are not alone!!
That TOTALLY depends on the food! One lump of sugar would take you out of ketosis, whereas a slice of ham probably wouldn't.

VLCDs work on the basis of only just being low carb enough for ketosis, so anything at all could take some people out of ketosis. As has been said, stick to just your packs and you won't have to worry about it. :)

Jo x
hw much/how little food does it take to bring you out of ketosis?

I don't know, cos I didn't eat the whole time I was SS (even at my father-in-law's wedding!). I honestly believe that, for me, this was the easiest (and quickest) way, and other people's experiences seem to echo that!

The first week is the toughest, and it gets a little bit easier after that. You can do this. Just take it an hour at a time, a minute if you have to. Those minutes soon add up, and before you know it you will be months, and stones, down the line!
Just to add a bit more - there is no way of cheating the diet! You may think that you can buck the system but in cheating you are merely cheating yourself. If it was ok to eat then you would be allowed to!
At this time you must stay as focussed as you possibly can, all the rest will follow. I managed to abstain from eating for 8 weeks - I was then sabotaged by 'cheaters' within my group who were eating & losing more weight than me, which introduced (crooked thoughts), I was angry so ate too & it all went wrong after that.
Luckily for me I have only put on about half a st since mid Nov but I could've been alot worse....
Use the time that you have not got the food in your life to find out why it's so important to you.
I know you're finding it hard - poor thing. I've had a nice bath & an early night for me I think!
Good luck with your evening xxx
Its so hard, but remember its only your chatterbox that is telling you to eat, you are getting all the nutrients you need from your packs x
I think that thinking about it is what does the damage! Surel the ONLY things that don't are:

LL or CD packs
LL or CD water flavours & savoury flavours
Leaf tea - nothing sweetened with fruits (as is contains fructose)

I think - of psyllium husks the plain ones don't

tabasco sauce & black pepper