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How much fruit can I have?

:) Hi everyone, I am a long time reader of these forums and often used it during my 100 days abstinence on LL to inspire me when I felt a bit low. Firstly I want to say thanks!

Now I live a very happy 4st 1lb lighter & am on week 4 of maintenance, but I'm having a bit of a panic about how much fruit I eat.

Frankly I eat what I consider a fair bit of it, I weigh it & calorie count it but am worried in some freaky way its not helping me.

Now a few weeks ago I wouldnt have ever eaten so much as half of the quantity of fruit & veg I am eating now, and apart from how much it bloomin' costs to eat this healthy I love it!

Trouble is, I am eating about 1250 cals a day on 2 foodpacks & attempting to count everything that passes my lips, its all pretty low / medium GI, low carbs, low fat you name it i'm trying to do it.

Its all getting confusing and I feel a lot more hungry quite often, I am finding I have cravings like mad!

So far my weight is stable, and each week the LL guy says all is well, I even lost 2lb whilst away on my hols last week. A miracle!!

Anyway to stop rambling and ask the question:

Is there a limit on fruit? I know in the blue book it gives a weight of veggies 1/2lb up to 1lb as 'snacks' a day but no real guideline on fruit.

I could eat the stuff all day long when I'm 'hungry' as its easier to get hold of than a chopped up red pepper!

Have a look at what I ate yesterday and let me know if i'm a bit too generous with it...

LL choc shake muffin with total 0% fat yogurt 150g pot.
50g bag of dried dates. ( which I know are mentioned in the book and thats the last of them I'm having!)

Mixed fruit salad 400g.

LL toffee bar & 150g in total of strawberries & white grapes. Sugar free jelly. Handfull of olives.

100ml Milk .
150g cherries.

170g Grilled lean steak & various mixed veggies & salad.

100g Strawberries with 100ml plain fat free yogurt blended up with sweetex.

3L water & a few black coffees. Total calories for the day approx 1250. I'm just not sure.

What does everyone think?

Seems like all I eat is fruit & milk......

Any help is MUCH appreciated, as I'm a bit nervous I'm doing something wrong!!

Thanks again

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