How much have I ruined it?


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Tonight my dog had to be put down (he was 16 and had numerous problems) and i found myself really needing some comfort, -yes i tried having a bath and had my tetra hot choc, but still managed to end up eatin 3/4 of a standard bar (40g bar) of dark choc. Will this have really ruined it for the week or do u think my body might use up the extra glycogen now in my liver before the morning and i can be back into ketosis tomorrow? Or is that wishful thinking?!

Katie x
Whether it has or whether it hasn't, what's done is done so you should just draw a line under it and carry on as normal tomorrow.

Something like having your dear family pet put down doesn't happen every day and is a major trauma so don't add to your distress by beating yourself up over a blob of chocolate.

If you've added an extra 2 days to the overall length of your diet - so what. Just drink plenty of water and continue with your packs tomorrow.

Sorry to hear about your dog xx
:) hey katie.

:( Big hugs.:( I understand how upset you must be feeling right now and a little comfort eating and then stopping and thinking about it is better than continuing to binge and feeling even worse tomorrow or how ever long it would take to face up to those foody demons!

:p Dark choc is supposedly better interms of weight gain than milk/white so savour the taste, draw a line under it and continue to SS if thats what you want! :p

;) Hugs and doggy angels!;)
Sorry to hear about you dog Kati it's awful whaen a pet dies ((((((hugs))))))

It's only a piece of chocolate dont beat yourself up about it you should be back in ketosis in no time at all.
Im so sorry to hear about your dear dog being put down,

So you have had some choci, never mind tommorow's another day, just start again.

Good luck, and take care. xx
Thanks so much to everyone for all their kind words. Im glad i stopped and thought about it, -u know what its like once you start, its all too easy to go and make some toast, then have some crisps......and then OMG, what have i done! Regardless of the reason:)( ), its always the same once u get started. So glad this place is here, like a confessional where there are so many to support and encourage one another. Its a rare find and helps enormously! :)

Katie x
Sending love and hugs babe.
So sad you had to have doggy put to sleep,feel for you babe
Forget the chocy and just drink lots and get back to it.
At a time like this you can be forgiven for eating.
Hope tomorrow is a better day for you
You poor thing, losing a pet is just the saddest thing in the world. I would guess that the grief will make you lose weight if anything, so I don't think the chocolate is anything to worry about.
I really feel for you, I remember how traumatised I was when I lost my old dog, take care of yourself and ignore the guilt.
I can't help diet wise, but just wanted to say I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved dog.

Take care