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How Much Have You/Can You Loose In 2 Months?

im going on holiday in 2 months, and yes I would like to step up my rate of weight loss, i want to look good in this holiday.

my worst enemy and best friend is coke, not the drug, the drink...in its glorified full fat 100% full sugar format, o yeah. i love the stuff, i always drink it, im not an addict but i enjoy it.

i have tried diet before, and it used to give me headaches (i think its the aspartame) and i dont like the taste of diet, feels kind of bitter after lets say 1 litre into it. but i am stocking up on diet pepsi, diet coke and diet lemonade just for these 2 months. when i dont drink any coke for about a week or 2, there is always noticable weight loss, and people do comment.

i cant wait to go on holiday.

i will be running round the park, and playing tennis, and doing home exercises many times a week.

so my question to the masses, how much weight can you or have you lost in the space of 2 months, are how intense was your regime?...
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Put the kettle on
No wonder you lose weight if you give up the full sugar pop. A 500ml bottle has about the same cals as a chocolate bar!!!
The diet stuff is an acquired taste but after a while you get used to it and now id never go back to full sugar (ok cherry cola maybe!!). Pepsi max and coke zero do taste a bit more like full sugar than the diet versions.
I think your headaches are probably due to sugar withdrawls depending on how much you drink.

As for how much you can lose it depends on how strict you want to be and how much you have to lose. If you did something like a meal replacement vlcd you would lose more than just healthy eating.
I used to drink coke & drinks with lots of sugar. I now just drink the zero range (fanta, dr pepper etc) and pepsi max. I never feel bloated anymore either.
I used to drink a lot of full-sugar fizzy drinks too but cut them out at the start of last year. Pepsi Max is much nicer than Diet Pepsi :)
There are a lot of studies on the effects of diet coke on weight loss - not all of it good. Yes, it's much, much better than regular fizzy drinks, but the sweeteners wreak havoc with the appetite and metabolism. It's worth looking into for the long-term.


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im not sure about the long term, i dont wanna stay on coke zero and diet coke all my life, i am definitely gonna return to normal coke again some time.

i used to drink it before, and never put on any fat, because i used to play football everyday and also do weight lifting. however im not as active at the moment.

so far so good, hopefully i will start to loose a bit more once i step up my exercise. the only problem is theres no good way of measuring my fat loss. i wish i could tell how much fat is going, im expecting some parts of my body to increase in weight since i am muscle building. alot of people get 'thinner' but their weight does not change, and this is what i mean.


Slimming down the aisle
What's the point in making the change then really? You'll lose some weight and then put it all back on again. Normal coke is ridiculously bad for you. One can has 39% of your recommended daily allowance of sugar in it. Personally I moved over to diet drinks for that reason, because they're so bad for you rather than to lose weight and I'll never change back. I don't see the point once you're used to them.


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woah 39% sugar?

i can drink alot at times, up to 2 cans per meal. and where i work i get alot of free coke lol.

i am enjoying the weight loss due to no coke i have to say, it feels good, im a confident person but recently it has gone up even higher, didnt realise it would happen so sudden. i was expecting results like aages later.

Mr Gilbo

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I remember the withdrawal symptoms of coming off full fat coke back in 2001. It was horrid, shakes and sweats, headaches etc. Moved over to diet drinks at that time, and last year i ditched the coke as there was still too much caffeine in it. Now I just have diet lemonade/sprite/7up. But even there in the last few weeks I have stopped on the fizzy and have water or low-cal squash, fizzy stuff for if i'm down the pub.


Slimming down the aisle
Yup, 39% sugar in one can! That's TWELVE teaspoons of sugar, imagine drinking a cup of tea or coffee with 12 teaspoons of sugar in it, same thing pretty much!


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after each day of drinking more and more coke zero and diet coke, its starting to taste bitter.

i havent had normal coke for 2 weeks i think. man i would a cold can of propper coke right now but i must resist. pepsi is not bad either, pepsi dont have that original coke taste and feels sweeter to me, but diet pepsi is so bad - the worst, im never drinking that again.

but im saving calories i guess im winning there. im not an addict of coke but i really want one now. havent even got any in the house.


Slimming down the aisle
Try pepsi max, I think that's a lot better than diet pepsi
I used to be very much like yourself and I actually think I was addicted to full fat coke- think that is probably the biggest factor that got me here in the first place! I used to get through 3 or 4 big bottles a week! But I had to give it up a few months ago as I knew that was holding me back. I tried the diet ones but thought if I can't hav the real thing then what's the point! So now all I drink is water and semi skimmed milk! Oh and a cup of tea once a day! Feel much better for it too although I do occasional treat myself to a can probably once every two weeks- which in the grand scheme of things isn't too bad! Good luck to you :)

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