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How much have you lost on Dukan?

S: 19st9lb
Hi girls, I've been snooping around here for aaages and loving it!!
At the moment I'm doing LT to shift 2/3 stone sharpish!!
Was at a party on Friday night with my bf and his mates when a drunken neighbour old man walked in and said to me "You're gorgeous, BIG GIRLS ARE BEAUTIFUL"

Never been so mortified in my life :(
So I'm shaking it up for 6 weeks then coming over here for good.
Getting the book at the weekend to get prepared yippieee!!

So how much have you lost on Dukan and in how long?
I'm dying to join you lot!!
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S: 141kg C: 49.9kg G: 36.3kg BMI: 17.7 Loss: 91.1kg(64.62%)
Hello there Daisy and welcome to the Dukan part of the forum,

So you're joining us in six weeks' time. Righteo... Some of the girls have had excellent results so I'll let them tell you about that side of things!
S: 82.1kg G: 66.7kg
Afternoon Daisy :)... had a similar nasty experience when I was 14 when a elderly male member of my own family responded to my grans quote that I was "As fit as a fiddle" (she was trying to give me a bit of confidence at a low time in my life) with ...

"Yes a big fat fiddle" :(

still hate him even now but thankfully haven't seen him since :D

I've been on dukan (after an initial failed attempt) since July 19th (so about a month now) started at 176lbs and now down to 161 ish... so 15lbs lost in total :)....

I'm the naughty one who doesn't do enough exercise - so imagine the losses I could've had in that time with including exercise!!

Gonna pick myself up on that one now I've lost a layer of blubber :)
S: 82.1kg G: 66.7kg
ooh ps re: dukan - why you waiting to start on it?

it's good, it's great, I love it, and you can eat REAL food..........and I'm learning to cook :) gained so much confidence in my own cooking skills since this.....
S: 19st9lb
Sarah that's a great loss!!
I really can't wait to get started :) been reading all the threads, posts, menus etc. I wanna be really ready cos I always start things with not enough info and end up doing my own little versions till I just ruin them :(

Nothing spurred me on like that comment in a loong time :( It was such an awkward situation and my boyf went mad but I had to explain that the HORRIBLE man wasn't purposly trying to hurt me, it he was just saying it like it was :( boo hoo!!

I've so many shakes at home that I wanna get through them first while I educate myself Dukan style and while I have the motivation!!

S: 19st9lb
The emerald Isle! Ireland that is :)
Really confused about these Galletes and Muffins etc.
I can't cook so this will be an issue, I look forward to learning though!
Also have a George Forman ready for action!


Gold Member
C: 11st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.3
infomercials :D
are you american sarah???

daisy - bloody men!!!! you should have said small willied men arent beautiful. ;)
do you have big boobaloobs by any chance? (oh and if you do have you got any going spare. Im doing a collection for my small ones :) )
S: 82.1kg G: 66.7kg
Emerald Isle!! lol - sorry When I read that I got "we're off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz... in my head"...

I never knew Ireland was called that (sheltered life) :)

The cooking is dead simple and as I said we will always be here to advise/ generally stick our oars in :D

ooh and

"Top of the morning to you" :D
S: 82.1kg G: 66.7kg
are you american sarah???

daisy - bloody men!!!! you should have said small willied men arent beautiful. ;)
do you have big boobaloobs by any chance? (oh and if you do have you got any going spare. Im doing a collection for my small ones :) )
Yeah I'm totally american, didn't you know? :D
S: 82.1kg G: 66.7kg
I jest :)....

If I was american I would've said something along the lines of....

"yah I'm sooooooooooooooo like tooooooooooooooootally american dawg" :D


Gold Member
C: 11st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.3
An american in yorkshire! lol

I never knew Ireland was called that (sheltered life) :)
really??? (and N.B. think you still on a candarel overload!)
S: 19st9lb
Baaahhh should've expected the Irish quips! :p
Yep big bazookas Vicky! Have some I'd love them a bit smaller!

I'm reading loadsa about Fromash Frais, is this like Creme Fresh (spellings all wrong!!)
I've never seen it before and I think it's be important to lube up my dry old chicken!
Also, what do we cook with, oil, water etc?
And can we use only a moderate amount of Splenda a day?

Yippieee, you've all done great!
S: 82.1kg G: 66.7kg
do you know I'm very disappointed.. nobody ever responds to my "top of the morning to ya" :(.... I will have to go to Ireland just to go around saying it in the vain hope :)

first person who responds will probably get showered in hugs and kisses :) better be careful who I say it to lol


Silver Member
S: 14st4lb C: 13st6lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 31.3 Loss: 0st12lb(6%)
Hi Ive been here (cant actually remember ) guessing a month, I've lost 10lbs, even though I have had a few parties thrown in my path to tempt me too and its been fine, I have one on Saturday so hope thats the last of them, I seem to be playing catch up every week.
Good luck with LT and look forward to seeing you here
S: 82.1kg G: 66.7kg
Fromage Frais is different from Creme Fraiche as far as I know...

I just put a teeny bit of oil in the pan to cook things and mop it off with kitchen roll before I add anything else to the pan....

As far as I know sweetener (aspartame based) is unlimited.... but wouldn't go too mad on it :) for health reasons

bit of low fat stock to cook things helps :)


Gold Member
C: 11st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.3
creme fraiche is soo different im afraid. fromage frais is cloer to yoghurt. can use quark too.

"Top of the morning to you" :D
ha he hee hee hee
;) ;)

If you get your self a fantastic non stick pan you wont need any oil. Get marinading your chicken/turkey in yoghurt with spices that makes it moist (im the queen of the marinades)
Also oatbran will become a massive part of your life!
S: 19st9lb
And Diet Coke? Unlimited?
i know it's bad for you but I LOVE it!
I don't take sugar or milk in Coffee so Splenda would only be to play with, dunno with what exactly!!

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