How much have you lost on slim fast?

Discussion in 'SlimFast' started by vixp, 9 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. vixp

    vixp Gold Member

    Hi everyone

    I just started slimfast/tesco ultra slim how much has anyone lost on this :confused:
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  3. mcv

    mcv Silver Member

    I haven't done ultra slim but on slim fast about 18 months a go I lost 2 stone, I kept it off for a good while but circumstances meant I've put half of that back on.
    I'm starting again tomorrow, been half hartedly trying for a few weeks but if I'm not committed 100% I don't get anywhere fast, bit a wedding invite has got me back in the zone and determined to loose 3 stone in 5 months :)
  4. vixp

    vixp Gold Member

    Im looking for the same kind of goal just want to get the weight off x
  5. His-beau

    His-beau Full Member

    I was on slim fast (ready made shakes) a few years ago and lost 1 stone in 2 weeks, I was 15 stone then so haven't put it back on! Just gave me a huge confidence boost, that's what I'm looking for now before my holiday in May
  6. vixp

    vixp Gold Member

    I want to lose 1 stone by may xxx
  7. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    Lost 12lb in a week, not expecting it to carry on like that (I wish it would!!!) but I'm glad it's working as I was initially sceptical :)
  8. maddyshambles

    maddyshambles Member

    I have just started slimfast ! Hoping to lose one stone by may 31st for my holiday! Two days in and its easier than I imagined :) although I add a banana to almond milk and just one scoop of choc flavour slim fast as it tastes more luxurious!
  9. LexieDwr

    LexieDwr New Member

    I will be starting slimfast in the very near future. I have done it before but only lost 9lb but put it all back on over time.
  10. kandykaned24

    kandykaned24 Full Member

    Slimfast is a good jump start teaching you portion control, which isnt so easy to do instantly with food. I lost 1st 7lb on it became easy after the 1st week was able to get into a routine. I have now switched to calorie counting and sometimes still have the shake for breakfast. It is possible to do slimfast and keep the weight off...goodluck peeps x
  11. mellymoo1986

    mellymoo1986 Member

    I lost 4lbs on my first week on slim fast and then 1 lb per week after. I didn't exercise overly during the month I did it and lost half a stone in that month.

    Then I went away with work for 3 weeks and put it all back on again and more, but when I get back from my next trip am definitely starting again but trying some of the tips from the other threads like soya/almond milk, bananas etc because the milk was starting to make me queasy.

    It's great to have to not worry about the choices that you make because there is none and about portion control too but boy did I miss solid food.
  12. aesir22

    aesir22 Silver Member

    Lost 13lbs in a month.
  13. mandylday

    mandylday Member

    is that 100%??

    I lost 4lb in my first week too, obv it slows! Hopefully I can get to a month OP x
  14. thelandlady

    thelandlady Full Member

    Hi, I have just started on SF yesterday and need to shift a stone which I have gained, I have tried a ready banana shake and I made one from powder, the powder one was a lot better.

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