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how much in lbs is a dress size?

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hi all, just wondering how many lbs on average is a dress size? going on hols end of august and need to start clothes shopping before shops sell off summer stock! wouls two more sizes down be expecting too much in 7 weeks? lol cant believe i'm not just stuck with evans for choice!:D
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not for long though hunny. We'll all be in the 'skinny' shops in no time! I think everyone is different. Some people find about a stone a dress size but I take more than that. It also depends on what sort of toning exercise you are doing. However, you are doing SS so you may find the weight drops off you fast! I'd probably go for one dress size smaller. Too loose is better than too tight! x


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This is a good question though i think it just depends on each individual. I have lost 3 stone and only dropped one size. I have a party in September and i'm trying to work out what size i will be then but for me its a wait and see game.


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It's about 10lb... But it depends on shape too. I've got a 28 inch waist & 30ff boobs, which means certain tops will only fit my bust in a 14 & massive on waist....

So if you aim for 20lbs in 7 weeks, I don't think you're aiming for too much at all..

Good luck x


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ermmmive lost about 2 stoneish and i havnt gone down any sizes yet :( but some clothes are definately a bit looser :)

Julie Williams

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I had massive thighs and hips and for each stone I have lost on my journey I have lost a dress size so I think it very much depends on the individual. Maybe leave it till the end of this month and then you will have a better idea and you should still be ok to get stuff then xxx


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i am about 2 stone per dress size, which is annoying!


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i've lost 4 stone and dropped 2 dress sizes on my hips/thighs but 3 on my top half!
Its really individual though so you never know! ;)



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I remember when I did ww years ago they said it was around 10lb per dress size, and I would say that for me it seems to have been that way, but I suppose it depends on how you lose the weight as everyone is different, I lose from my top half first than waist hips and thighs for other people it is the other way around, and this could also effect dress sizes


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I've lost 2 stone, down 2 sizes on bottom, 3 on top.


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I dont know the answer but im really scared that I'll loose all my weight and still be fat...like I've lost about 11lbs and still feel and look the same


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I didn't drop a size until I had lost a whopping 3st!!! I think everyone is different. I was originally a size 22 so it would take more of a loss to notice a difference whereas someone smaller originally may lose 1st and drop a size.

Hope that makes sense?! x


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Yup, you're right, takes less to drop sizes the smaller you are! There are bigger differences between the bigger sizes, so you have to lose more inches to drop a size, so as we shrink more, we should drop sizes a bit faster!


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Lost about a stone now and a dress size in some shops, in others just comfortably fit into the size I was originally, if that makes sense. Was originally an 18/20 and am now a comfortable 18. Got into a 16 in Phase Eight - top half only, though.

I'd say if you want to buy now, buy a size down, but if you end up needing other stuff nearer the time then the sales should still be on!
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mrs bee

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i have lost 6 stone and was a 26/28h bottom half and now can get into 18/20 and top wise have gone from 26/28 to approx 20/22.


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I've lost 6stone 2 and have gone from size 28 on bottom to 18/20 and size 22 on top to 16.
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thanks all, maybe i should stop buying as im not going away for 7 wks. bought sz 20 clothes and they fit me now, great considering i was a 24/26 bottom and a 26/28 top 7 wks ago! been to peacocks and asda and had a smirk on my face whilst walking around, hoping to be 16-18 by hols in august!

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