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How much is the average cost of CD food


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Hi all just started CD today - sole source its been tough. Was earlier reading another post and they mentioned the cost of meals. I was just wondering what people pay on average. I got 24 meals various milkshakes, soups and a few porridges and was charged £44 is this average ? PinkyJay
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The CDC's have a recommended retail price, but they seem to charge differently as per each CDC. I only ever had the shakes and they cost £1.80 per pack.

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I bought my packs last night and was charged £2.19 per pack!!!! I am really upset as have now spoken to 2 other CDC and they only charge £1.75, so I am moving consultants

The consultant I bought from also claims can only pay cash!!! surely this is not right?

Anyway, I have now found a lovely CDC, who I am meeting tomorrow who is going to swap some of my product for porridge as first CDC said I was not allowed if for the first 2 weeks, but apparently that is not true!


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i pay £38.75 for 21 shakes a week. cost would be a bit higher if i was to buy tetras or bars
mine charges £2 per pack same price for shakes tetra bar poridge so i pay £42 a week.
mine charges 1.70 per sachet 1.95 for tetras and 1.97 for bars, bargain!
I was charged £37.80 today for 21 soups/shakes/porridges. I think she said £1.80 per sachet, and if I want tetras then £2 per pack.


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I have the tetras and the bars and my CDC has just raised her prices from £1.95 to £2.00 and I am more than happy with this :)
I think that for all the effort the CDC's go through - I don't mind paying a bit ontop. It's almost like a little job for them, and they are usually very nice, so what does it hurt :) You know you'd be spending a lot more on normal food! lol


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Well said, MissyL. Spending a bloomin' fortune on food, and then scoffing it, is what got most of us in the situation we're in now. I think £44 is ok for what you got PinkyJay, especially if she gave good advice and support.


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I pay £39.90 for 21 of whatever. All products are the same price.
I pay £1.80 for sachets and £2 for tetras and bars. Quite reasonable for round here I thought.

The Fibre, Water flavouring and vegetable stock stuff is expensive though. About £6.95 a pot.


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I'm really lucky as one of my closest friends is my CDC and so she sells to me for cost price which is fab and I love her for doing it!
hey girlies, im going to see a CDC next sunday for the first time ever. Im really excited about starting the plan (not so sure i'll be saying that in a few weeks when i can the crisps shouting on me) lol. Anyways i asked the CDC how much per week and she said £36.75 for the basic diet...will the "basic diet" just be shakes or will that include the soups etc ?
i pay 1.75 for shake and its £36.70 a week for 21 :)
hey kimmie,

is the soup and porridge etc the same price or are they dearer? it was just the way she said "basic diet" i thought uh oh, its gona be more expensive than £36.75 lol. hmmm, we shall see next sunday :) xx


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Hi , i payed £40.11 for 22 shakes , my cdc advised me to but extra just in case i didnt like a soup/shake .
A basic diet is 3 shakes/soups a day .


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cazzabella the porridge is included in that price , its more expensive if you buy bars/tetras and water flavouring .
ahhh cheers rose, i'll take some extra cash with me just incase. I didnt want to end up sitting like a muppet when she said that'll be £45 when i thought otherwise lol. im sure i've read on someones post about a shaker (that might not be correct though), are those for mixing the shakes? xx

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