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Green Days how much is too many beans?


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I have been known to eat a full tin of beans in my spud, just because I can!

If you are satisfied and not stuffed then it's fine, if you are stuffed then have less.


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Ditto that! The thought of a whole tin of being too much hadn't even entered my head!

I have to agree!! Besides if i only had half a tin then the potato to bean ratio wouldnt be right - i dont like putting half a tin in the fridge either - likely hood is i wouldnt eat the other half lol

Just one baked bean would be too many as far as I am concerned. Can't stand the things - don't even like being in the same room as someone eating them!!

But if your digestive system can stand it - go for it! They are free, cheap, good for you and high in fibre.
Hello all,

I have just tucked into my lunch, jacket pot with HXA of cheese and a WHOLE CAN OF BEANS.

I love beans, but do you think a whole can is too much, even though they are free?

Thanks :)
:D you really made me smile lol....ive often thought i was a bit of a piggy having a whole tin at one sitting......and the bigger ya spud the more beans you need!...but then im terrible i put them in anything i can lol...im just glasd im not the onel one :D
I have the whole tin as well :) sometimes I eat them cold putting in the bowl to be heated


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Friend of mine eats them by the jug load and she is on her way to losing three stone. (she may well kill me for revealing this though LOL)
I've never thought of a whole tin as being too much haha? I think thats just neough for a big jacket spud, them small tins dont have enough in at all.

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