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Hi ya, I'm new here - So, Hello! Lol!

Just got an ickle question really, if any of you can help!

I know you have to drink at least 2 litres of water a day (If I remember right)! And more if you have the tetra's, but How much would you say is a resonable amount? Does it depend on what size you are?
I admit I am terrible at drinking the water and the thought of it isn't exactly exciting!!!!
Be good if anyone knows!
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i try and drink between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 a day. the more wateryou drink the less you are likly to dehydrate and get headaches. it also fills you up and makes you not want food. also it helps with water retention. hope that helps. the more the better but no less than 2 1/2


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Hi Jenn
Well most ppl seem to drink between 4-6Litres a day, i started off drinking 8 or 9 litres but it was making me feel sick so i now stay in the 4-6 range and it seems to be working ok.

Really i would say try and get at least 4 litres in if you can.

Goodluck on your weightloss journey, im sure you will do fine:)
Hello Yummy Mummy
Thank you for that! I can remember hearing ages ago that too much water can flood your lungs or something, so that was what was stopping me! Don't know if it is true or not though, but was a bit concerned! Lol!
Thank you for replying though, I appreciate it!
Thank you Naomi, god you people are quick at replying! Lol!
And thank you for the encouragement :p Good luck to you and everyone else too!
Guess I'll need to stock up on water now then! lol
na i doubt it, if that was true i think all of of would of drowned by now lol
Hahahahah! I guess you're right there! :p Looking at everybodys weight loss is incredible, everyone is doing so well! It's my seventh day today and I admit it is easier than last time (Started last year and lost a stone in 2 weeks, but fell off the wagon and put it all back on)! More determind this time though!
All though I do have a kidney infection and took some Ibuprofen with my antibiotics, that later realised were sugar coated. so hope they hacent knocked me out of ketosis!
Good Luck To you, you seem to be doing amazingly!
im falling off thwe wagon a bitnow though i am desperate to eat and am trying to do things to take my mind off of food
i think pits is better ive had 4 today and think it seems to go down quicker than when you drink it from litre bottles x
Yummy Mummy, I know, it is hard when your chatter-box is demanding food! But just look at how far you've come already! As hard as it may be at times, just think of what the end result is gonna be like!

CHERYL That does sound more logical really, Every time I look at the evian bottle I don't wanna pick it up! Lol!
Shall switch to pints and maybe will be able to drink it then! Thank you!


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Hi Smiler

I don't "do" litres, just pints.

I have about 6 - 8 pints a day.

Hi hun!

I do pints, too. I have one sitting by my monitor right now!

If I fill 2-litre bottles with water I can think metric but since I prefer to use my faithful pint glass I'd much rather think 'pints'.

I haven't managed to down 8 pints per day for a long time, now. I got to the point where I was SICK of glugging down water. Know what I mean? But it has to be done so tons of herbal tea and around 4-6 pints of water (on a good day) is my average.

I know exactly what you mean.

I get to the stage where I can literally feel it sloshing around in my poor empty insides!

I also have a couple of green teas throughout the day.


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The more water the better - but space it out evenly throughout the day if you can. 1/2 a pint every hour is good - and if you are not good with drinking the water like me then have very long shakes. I make my banana shake up with 2pints of water!

If you have a bar or tetra you should drink another 300ml (about 1/2pint) of water too.


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Sorry I am so late in replying, but I have a 1/2 litre bottle I take to work and keep filling it up. I try to have 6-8 in work and then another 2-3 when I get home. Find it much easier drinking out of a smaller bottle, think I would get strange looks in work drinking out of a 2 litre bottle (not the done thing!). Find it easier to take out at the weekend too..

I bought a brita water filter, with a years supply of cartridges for £48. Thought this was cheaper than constantly buying bottled water, so just keep washing and refilling bottles...

Suppose it works differently for everyone though..



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You CAN drink too much water, which can be dangerous. (just Google "water intoxication" to see all about it)
However, 4 - 6 litres is fine, at no more than 1 litre per hour.

Ann x
WOW! So many replies!! Thank you all for that, you have been very helpful! I didn't realise so many people were on this diet, let alone on this forum!

Thank you though, I appreciate your replies and wish you all the best of luck with this


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