how much is too much????

Discussion in 'Zumba' started by great things, 19 February 2011 Social URL.

  1. great things

    great things Gold Member

    just wondered how many zumba classes you are all doing across the country.

    i'm doing 3 right now. i did a 4th last week but i felt that i didn't work hard enough with a different instructor (in fact i think i was fitter than her). my usual teacher is just exceptional.

    also do you do tracks back to back (which is what my usual instructor does) or do you have 2 min breaks between dances (which is what the different instructor did)?
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  3. XxKirstxX

    XxKirstxX Gold Member

    I don't think you can have too much zumba! lol as long as you are not running yourself down the exercise is good for you.

    You must be super fit to be doing 3-4 classes a week. I done 2 classes this week and am not fit at all I sweat like hell doing it. Hopefully that shall change soon enough though. My instructor will do 2-3 dances and then tell is to get a drink of water usually after the high impact dances.
  4. great things

    great things Gold Member

    ours just says get a drink when you need it. we fit loads of dances in. i only sweat when she takes me. i won't be going back to the other class. i am quite fit. i run (have done 2 half marathons one i did pregnant and i've got my 3rd half this year), do core stability and have done other classes in the past but i've just found this is the best ever class.
  5. XxKirstxX

    XxKirstxX Gold Member

    Yeah totally agree zumba is the best ever class! lol How long is a half marathon?
    I am doing the Race for Life this year which is 5k I will prob be walking and jogging it though lol xx
  6. great things

    great things Gold Member

    a half marathon is 13.1 miles so probably around (10k is 6 miles so 20k is 12 miles and 1.2 miles is 2km) 22km?

    i'll be doing the 5k RFL this year and then a 10k run after than too. i always do the 10k if i'm doing a half marathon.
  7. Muffintopp

    Muffintopp fattyfattybumbum

    I do triathlons and run alot and went to a couple of Zumba classes but didn;t feel like I was being pushed.
    The tutor also had rests between the dances where she was showing what to do for the next one.
    She said I may be more suited to aerobics as that is continual.

  8. XxKirstxX

    XxKirstxX Gold Member

    You can get zumba toning classes which I suspect to be harder xx
  9. great things

    great things Gold Member

    our dances are continuous. i think it depends on the instructor. i'd find a new one. we do lots of areobic type exercise in ours. jumping around, bouncing on our feet. very energetic.
  10. Passiflora

    Passiflora Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!

    Our music is virtually continuous - you can normally manage a quick swig of water between tunes, but the intros already started for the next one.

    Been doing Zumba for 5 months now and still lovin' it!
  11. great things

    great things Gold Member

    fantastic passiflora. :)
  12. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    well im back from my 11am zumba class was good.. my normally instructor today.

    but going to venture out and try another lady wedsday morning at 10:30am close too home too.!

    ive just been told to try her she has u sweating lots lol.!!
  13. great things

    great things Gold Member

    that's wonderful shanny. you must must sweat it's what gives you the high, i'm sure :D
  14. gemini1

    gemini1 Member

    I've just been the once to toning it is a half hour class after our regular hour class and I found the toning to be a nice lower intensity workout, the instructor provided the sticks but she did say that you can buy heavier ones. I'll see how it goes over the next few weeks and may invest in some.
  15. great things

    great things Gold Member

    zumba is best when the dances are continuous. ours were today with my usual instructor. just time for a swig of water then running back to my spot to start dancing. had a fab time doing all my exercise today.

    30 mins core, 4 mile run followed by an hours zumba. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. i'm on such a high from it all.
  16. rover_gem

    rover_gem Full Member

    I do 3 per week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. I love it...definitely have the zumba bug! I dont think I could manage a forth though. Our instructor is fantastic! The tracks run back to back and we just grab a drink when we want
  17. great things

    great things Gold Member

    that's just as zumba should be in my opinion. loads of sweating and dancing going on. :D

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