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How much is too much?

Hey guys,

I started at 11 stones and I am now 9 stones 2. My original target was 9 stones but now I have extending it to 8 and a half. I find the more I lose the more faults I find with my body and I'm never satisfied! I think I am becoming obsessed and I'm really thinking about whether I can ever give up CD for good and eat normally again without feeling like I want to choke myself b'cuz i ate!!

Just seeing people returning gaining the weight freaks me out so so much and I'm really scared that I will never be able to eat without feeling guilty again!!

Has anyone else felt like this? I don't want this to turn into an eating disorder.... :(

restart 04/05/11 week 1 = 9 stones 7 -- week 2= 9 stones 5 -- week 3= 9 stones 3
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Hi - a BMI would be helpful here or at least your height. I'd say if you get to 21.5 that's about enough.

The end of a VLCD is very much like this - but then so is a normal diet. Just remember, you will look different when you have refed - much less gaunt so don;t listen to people in real life telling you you've gone too far.
I am 5'4.5" so my BMI is 21.5. I know that Cambridge will only let me get to 20 but then I can do a low carb to get lower if I need to?

I haven't got any pictures not sure if I'm comfortable putting them on to be honest, maybe when I am finally happy I would have the courage lol

restart 04/05/11 week 1 = 9 stones 7 -- week 2= 9 stones 5 -- week 3= 9 stones 3
hun if your bmi is 21 it really is time to stop if you aren't happy with your body then you can use exercise to tune up. i think you need to learn to love your body. i don't think anyone is ever 100% happy but you need to see your achievements and realise its time to stop.
hun its not healthy to go below 20 bmi
I am rubbish with exercise, you are right though I think my problem is toning up now not really losing anymore weight. I thought a healthy BMI is between 18-25? Xx

restart 04/05/11 week 1 = 9 stones 7 -- week 2= 9 stones 5 -- week 3= 9 stones 3
Hiya, I am due to start next wednesday (meeting my CDC on tuesday) and i'll be starting at 11 st 4ish... I am aiming for 9 st 7 and im 5ft2.

How long did it take you to get where you are? What were your losses like in the first 3/4 weeks?

Have you tried going to a big shop and seeing a stylist, sometimes an outfit you'd never dreamed of would make you realise how far you have come! I bet you look amazing! x
Maybe u should take a pic just for yourself to see? u dont always see what u actually look like until u see a picture, it takes a while for your brain to catch up with loosing weight ect x
Had my WI last night I am now 9 stones!! So happy! I have decided to do CD until I reach 8'10" then I'll start exercising and toning up. I'm going away next week so will be off plan but will eat very low carb high protein foods..

I started on the 810 plan at 11 stones and I lost 2kg weekly for the first 6 weeks, third week I STS!! Once I hit the 9's it slowed down to about 1.5-1kg a week but to be honest I'm not very good over the weekends most of the time I have a few drinks. I seem to be able to not eat but can't give up the booze! Lol
Also I tend to lose weight with great difficulty but some people like my mum hardly have to do much to lose so u may lose at a faster rate then I did..

I took some pics in a mini dress with heels and oh my god my legs are half the size!! Felt so good ;-) I'm actually going to have a nice bikini body this year without having to cover my belly with my arms all the time haha

restart 04/05/11 week 1 = 9 stones 7 -- week 2= 9 stones 5 -- week 3= 9 stones 3
Tinkerbell I totally agree with having curves hate girls that look like little boys lol
I have always had a booty though skinny or big, boobs could be bigger C/D cup but I'm not complaining if my OH isn't lol

restart 04/05/11 week 1 = 9 stones 7 -- week 2= 9 stones 5 -- week 3= 9 stones 3
Your post could of been written by myself a few months ago! I'm 5'2 and I started at just under 13 stone, and my initial goal was just under 10 stone - a BMI of 24.5. Once I got to a BMI of 24.5, I like you wasn't entirely happy, so I made my new goal 9 stone. I then got to 9 stone and low and behold guess what happened... I STILL wasn't enterierly happy. So I made my new goal 8 and a half. And yup, that's right got there and still wasn't 100% happy. So I made my new goal 8 stone (BMI 20.5) and promised that I wouldn't go lower than that - and if I still wasn't happy at the weight that I promised that I'd go to my doctor as it was obviously a mind thing. I'm now 8 stone 4lb and I can honestly say that I'm starting to really, really like my body and I'm starting to think that 8 stone will be too low. There's a very thin line between looking good and looking too thin, but I think when you get there you'll know if this is the right weight for you. You should set your self a limit though like I did, say 8 and a half) and if you're still not happy at that weight, then you should go to your doctor and they can tell you if you need to lose anymore (after all if anyones gonna be honest with you, it's your doctor!). Remember because we're small every pound lost shows, so you might feel very happy before you reach 8 and a half stone!

Best of luck babes, you can personal message me if you want to ask any questions in private because it seems like we're on the same boat here! x
Hi happyhealthy,

If u don't mind me asking how long did it take u. It's just I'm 5'3 started at 13st, 5 weeks ago now 11st11 but would love to be 8 and a half St.
Thanks happyhealthy, I think I will do the same I think being tiny up until 3 years ago I keep comparing myself to how I used to be and looking at my old pics. At my skinniest I weight 7stones10 and a size 6. Not that I dieted I was just naturally very small, most of my adult like I was around 8stones 4ish and then suddently I started to gain a lot of weight. I don't know whether it was being in a relationship or just the age thing.

I just need to realise my body has matured and I won't look like how I did at 21!

Can u tell me how u lost the last stone? What plan/any exercise etc? Xx

restart 04/05/11 week 1 = 9 stones 7 -- week 2= 9 stones 5 -- week 3= 9 stones 3
Of course I don't mind you asking :) I started on December 1st 2010 and got to 8 stone 4lb exactly 6 months later. And that's with a meal out at least once a week (mostly 2/3 times a week though) and lots of nights out! So it can be done by normal eating and without a drastic diet like cambridge in that time!

Any more questions, feel free to ask :D
Oh and btw u have done great! I know how hard it is to lose when u don't have much left, u must have great will power xx

restart 04/05/11 week 1 = 9 stones 7 -- week 2= 9 stones 5 -- week 3= 9 stones 3
Omg I didnt realise that u haven't lost through CD! Wow calorie counting and losing that much so fast!!

restart 04/05/11 week 1 = 9 stones 7 -- week 2= 9 stones 5 -- week 3= 9 stones 3
Happyhealthy, that is so brilliant! You have amazing will power to do it all on your own with just healthy eating and exercise. What weight did you start at? (sorry can't see your stats on my phone) :)
Awww guys you're making me blush with your compliments lol :p

I started at just under 13 stone and six months later to the day I'm now 8 stone 4lb. And like I said I've by no means been an angel. I've been out on nights out almost evey week (I'm a student) and been out for dinner or lunch 2/3 times most weeks. I don't mean to be a horrible insensitive anti-cambridge person, but I'm nobody special, so if I can easily do it in 6 months without having to go through the torture of cambridge diet then you definitely can too! I would really encourage you to consider your options here!
Wow I'm really impressed :) I think most people who are on CD need to take food out of the equation all together and it works for a lot of us (hasn't exactly worked for me but that's another story haha). Do you do a lot of exercise? I'm at your starting weight at the moment and have just restarted CD but I'm really curious as you've done so well!!

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