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How much Mix a Mousse a day?


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How much Mix a Mousse a day can we have?

I know we can only "cook" stuff once a day, but I made a load of jelly yesterday and it was lovely, but I also have a mousse too. My CDC said only one a day, but wondered what you do?

Sometimes Id like two mousses instead of a drink/soup etc.

Would love to be able to eat the jelly freely too!
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I have heard before (on DH) that you should only have 1 scoop a day. When I questioned my CDC, who has fairly recently been accredited so is well up to date I would think; she said she'd not been advised that it was 1 a day so I could have all 3 as mousses if I wanted.

So not sure which is right.
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Hi Angela
Glad you liked the jelly ... fab isn't it! I make enough for two days (500ml) and it only needs 1.5 scoops of mix a mousse so I figure that's well within what's 'permitted'. I always thought it was one scoop of m-a-m per day: are there any CDCs around to clarify?

Tinkerbelle - CD jelly: 500ml cold water, CD water flavouring to taste (I use about a level teaspoon), 2 drops of food colouring (optional but I like my jelly to have a colour!) and 1.5 scoops of mix-a-mousse. Give the mixture a really good Zizzzz with your blender, pour into a bowl and put in the fridge to set. I find that I get 2 very generous bowls of jelly from that quantity.
I also buy an extra pack of chocolate shake per week and make a little sauce from 1 teaspoon of shake in an eggcup and a bit of water to pour over the jelly. I don't think 1 extra teaspoon of shake is going to have a major negative effect on my diet and makes the jelly even nicer. Enjoy!
Please can someone tell me. I've just written the jelly receipe down. Can I have this as an extra to my CD 3 meals? I'm in my fifth week doing Add a Meal and then next week I'm back to Sole Source


Finally...Life begins
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I believe so, Although I do think there is a limit to the mix a mousse you can have a day, but I have been having a bowl of jelly most night on top of my 3 meals and haven't had a drop in weight loss. Be interesting to see what other say too.


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As a Cambridge counsellor, I can tell you that the official advise is definitely only one scoop of mix-a-mousse per day.

Each scoop of mix-a-mousse has no carbs but contains 20 calories, so this needs to be considered. However, if you wind up having a mousse and a jelly/two mousses in one day, it really shouldn't make any difference weight-loss wise, so, personally, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

I think the one a day advise is simply to ensure against people going overboard and having ten scoops a day!

Jo x
As JustJo says it is only 1 scoop of mousse mix per day. Having said that like other things its trial and error it will affect some but not others.

I always err on the side of caution and advise stick to the 1.

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Just to clear things up with the jelly: I make 500ml with 1.5 scoops of mix-a-mousse but this lasts 2 days .... so that works out on 3/4 of a scoop per day.

It's well within the permitted allowance because the only other ingredients are water and a level teaspoon of water flavouring. :)


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Jelly is lovely as long as you can get past how it looks! :p
Thank you so much for the jelly idea. I have made green and red and both are delicious. Does everybody elses have a foam on the top. I have to say I find that quite tasty as well!
Thanks a lot


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Yes I love the foam too!!

Mine does a take a long time to set tho!
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Another foam fan here! :D

If your jelly is taking a long time to set, try putting a smidgen more mix-a-mousse in (or less water). I usually make my jelly in the mornings so it has all day to set.
I made the jelly the other day. It was lovely but i agree it needs food colouring it's a bit of a dodgy colour without.

It has been good for those evening munchies !!

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