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How Much Of A Gap Do You Have Between Packs?


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if you travel alot then try the tetra briks or chocolate bars as well.....

very handy on the go


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Wow, how do you guys start so late?? I'd be on the floor by 10!!!

Have my first one at 6 if I'm working, 8 if I'm not, then meal at 1pm (I'm on the 1000 plan), shake at about 6ish... So similar to before I was on the diet!


I work long hours and commute to work - leave house at 6am and get home by 7pm.

Trying to think which is the best way to stagger the packs so as to keep energy levels up. I find the evening the hardest as that was when I used to have main meal.

Any ideas? How do you stagger the packs?

Split the packs.
I had picky problems in the evening at first.
When I was first told about pack splitting I thought 'oh yeah,how much difference can that make?'

Well it made a massive difference.

for a while I divided each into 3. & spread the whole lot out through the day,but with a bunching around the 5pm-8pm period.this was the hardest part as 1. naturally hungry & 2. cooking & feeding the family.

the extra thing that you will have to consider is how to manage the weeing & commuting.

good luck


jelly belly
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i have 1st around 8.30ish
2nd around 2pm
3rd around 7 or 8 ish
and loads of water
i saw this it did make me laugh :giggle:


i love minimins me :)
oh and if u havehad all ya packs n feel like u need something extra how bout jelly? cos u can have tht plus ya packs :)

I try to have my first milkshake at at 8/9am
I split my choc bar into 3 pieces and have a small piece chocolate at 10/11amish
I have a large piece of choc for lunch at 12/1pmish
and then a small piece again at about 3/4pmish
Then i have my last milkshake at about 6/7pmish

I like spacing my meals out this way because i like to eat 5-6 smaller meals a day compared to 3 big ones. I dont spilt my shakes because i dont know how much to use for half :confused:

xx :)


Cambridge Counsellor
I'm really bad, I don't stagger mine at all.

I drink fluid during the day, and then have my first CD at about 4-5pm, mainly because I forget to have it at lunch time. Then I have my second and third one in the evening when the kids are in bed and I'm sitting down in front of the TV and can relax. That's about 9pm or later if I'm seeing clients.

I'm quite active during the day walking up to 6 miles a day and have to make sure I drink each pint of water at a certain time because of the lack of loos on the way to and from school and nursery, but for weight loss purposes I feel fine on it. Wouldn't recommend that kind of thing for maintenance, but it works for now.


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It depents wether im working as to what time i have mine!
My youngest gets me up about 6am so when im not working i have the first about 9.30am second about 2pm and the last one about 5.30-6pm.
But i work 3 night shifts a week, so if im working i try to hold out a lot longer 1st about 12 second at tea time and the last one between 9-10pm.




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I'm 5' 10" so on 4 packs, Iusually go for 11.00, 1.30, 5.00 then 10.00. I think it depends what you do in the day and work pattern. Sure you will find what suits you.
Good luck

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