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How much water a day do you have?


Loooooves MiniMins
I have 4 try to finish it by 6 or around that
takes 3 days to get back into ketosis ..

Ibeen drinking 3 litres a day but i nearly finished 3 litres now and am thirsty for more.. just worrys me all this water.. i dont want to drown.. lol


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I only drink the minimum but i do know if you drink between 3-4litres is prob better for u for weight loss, but i just cant drink any more than the minimum.

I do like to have some black coffee though and my water does have to have the CD water flavourings. Thank god for the flavourings as i am not fond of plain water.

How do u guys manage 4litres, i am on the toilet all the time just doing 2 and a half litres??
I spend half my life on the toilet when I'm drinking 5L a day! Last night I was driving home from a trip away, it was a 3 hr journey through the middle of nowhere and I drank 3L on the way. Couldn't find a loo and ended up having to stop in a layby. I was about to burst and couldnt drive for another MINUTE! Unfortunately there was a lorry parked in the layby but I just had to go anyway LOL. I hope he didnt look in his wing mirror. So ladylike aren't I! :rotflmao:

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