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How much water?

Hi everyone

Just wondering how much water you guys all try to drink during the day? I often feel bloated so I thought it might be partly to do with not drinking enough. My friend also mentioned that if you do lots of green days (I dont eat meat, so I only do green days) you need extra water. I dont know if this is true but I just wondered how much you guys try to get through in a day?
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I think the advice is 6 - 8 large glasses a day. I aim to get through 2 litres a day, spread across the course of the day. And if you're exercising you need to drink even more - an extra glass for every 30 minutes of exercise. Drinking water definitely helps with the bloating you can get when you first start on green days.
I usually drink about 4 pints of water during the day and if Im exercising, I have another pint for 30-40 mins work out.
I have 1½-2 litres of water (including no added sugar cordial and green tea) a day usually. It really does help with bloating. Flushes stuff out, hydrates, makes things just work better!

Sometimes we do a water challenge on here, and whenever I make a concerted effort to drink more, my losses are better and I usually feel great!
I've been drinking lots of water that last couple of weeks but feel like I'm constantly on the loo especially during work. I think my colleagues might think I have bladder problems! - Slightly embarresing!


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I generally have a glass every hour if I'm at home, at work I only manage 3 in 8 hours!


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I drink loads and loads of water my body seems to be absorbing it today and not letting any go as i went dancing last night for 3 hours lol!! but when i drink loads and loads i do have better losses so just keep drinkin water it will pay off xxx
If you have a 500ml glass of water/low sugar squash in the morning, lunch, dinner and then before you goto bed that's your 2 litres and anything else on top is a bonus. Helps your weight loss as well :)


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I'm addicted to hot water. I got bored of cuppas at work and just started having hot water instead. I have a great big mug and I keep it full of hot water. I must drink at least four of those a day... plus maybe two ordinary cuppas at home.

Worth remembering also that your body gets some of its daily recommended 2L of water from the food you eat, i.e. fruit and veg, soup, etc.

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