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how much water...


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I've been having 2 1/2 ltrs and slowly increasing it although i'm finding it difficult lol
I have 4 litres.
Like you, at the beginning I found it a real struggle as you do tend to go to the toilet alot.
My body now seems to be used to it.
I use 2 1 litre sports bottles which I keep in the fridge and just replace one with the other. Seems to help and it means I know exactly how much i'm drinking.
Hope this helps. :D


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I was taking 4 litres in week 1 but found myself feeling very "sloshy" - you know i could feel it all walloping about in my tummy lol. I've cut back now in week 2 to about 3 - 3.5 litres but i'm sipping more constantly rather than drinking a huge glassful at once which is helping. I'm hoping to increase it back up to 4 lites gradually by end of week 3. I find the 1 litre sports top water bottles a godsend. I just keep it beside me, keep sipping and before i know it its empty. The trips to the loo are less frantic too lol


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i have one of them 1litre bottles, really handy! but so big lol


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When you read the CD booklet it says 4 pints plus whatever you have in your shakes/soups. Anything over this has to be a bonus, doesn't it?


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I drink between 3 and 4 litres on an average day. Yesterday I managed 5, so far today I'm on my 3rd litre. I drink little and often, helps that with ketosis I have a real thirst and could guzzle a litre in 5 mins LOL


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I drink 5-6, I have a litre bottle and continuously drinking water during work [My desk very near water cooler!!]

Like that, in the begining I spent my running in and out to the loo but body gotten used to it and calmed down abit now.


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about 5/6 litres :eek:
5+ daily

I find drinking hotish water is easier, or try sipping it through a straw

I'm on about 4litres a day, the litre bottle is a godsend and helps you really see how much you can get through...

One way I try and do when am boggled by the thought of how much water we have to get through a day, is try and have so much within a timed period... For instance I know I need to drink 1 x 1 litre bottle between 8am and 11am, then another between 12noon and 2pm, another between 3pm and 6pm, and a final one between 7pm and 10pm. I figure breaking it down like this, 3 hours to drink one litre of water should be more than do-able, right! Plus giving myself little 'breaks' where I don't need to think about drinking the water, even for an hour helps me 're-charge' ready for the next glugging session!

It really does help your skin tho too!!

Another way I've heard is treat it like medicine, it HAS to go down so grin and bear it and know it's making you 'better'?!


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i used to hate drinking water (was addicted to diet coke, around 3 litres a day :-0 )
but i got an evian water bottle with the sports cap, and it makes me drink it so much quicker and im getting through about 5/6 litres a day now

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