How much water???


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Ive restarted cd today and was just wondering how much water everyone drinks??
When I did it before I had at least 4 litres per day but know that someone else doing it with me had better losses than me and only drank 2 and half per day. I was sticking to it totally so just wonder if over did it a bit on the water.
Thanks all, Im back for the long hall as I regained all the 5 :mad: stone I lost before so look forward to speaking to you all. Sarahxx.
Hi Sarah

CD recommends a minimum of 2 litres, but lots of people drink more because they feel it gives better losses. It depends on your body. If you are comfortable drinking 4 slitres then stick with that, and try not to compare your losses to other people :D
If it worked before I'd do it the same way again:D It does generally seem to speed the losses if you drink plenty but we're all different.

Good luck.
I drink about 8 pints a day - is that 4 litres? I am sure it speeds up the weight loss, but also helps flush out any toxins, keeps your skin clear and generally really good for you!