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How Much Weight Did/Does Everyone Have To Lose

I've not set myself a target. I'm just trying to do one week at a time (one day at a time right now!) though I could do with losing a LOT!


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Most people have tickers or it's noted down the side of the post in their personal information Gem.

There's all sorts round these parts. My eye is usually drawn to those people who have a similar amount to lose as I, or who started around the same time. Dunno why. :D


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Hi all, well as for me I had a minimum of 100lbs to lose and have as of day 7 lost 7lbs, which I'm pretty chuffed with :D

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Hiya and welcome! I started at 18 stone 4lbs (256lbs) and my target is 140 lbs. So that means 116lbs or 8 stone 4 lbs to lose :eek:
Halfway through week 10 and 3 stone 4lbs of that has gone already so don't worry, yours will be gone before you know it!
Lots of luck!

irish molly

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I took it a day at a time and then a week at a time. I thought I would just do a month to kick start my loss but once I got into it I kept at it for six months and six stones. I have since lost almost two stone more through GL.
Stick with it, before you know it the weeks and the weight will fly.


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hi ive got 5 stone to lose roll on 5 months lol


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hi gemgems39 how long have you been on lt. im on my 5th day.
I have around 2 stone to lose.
Not a massive amount, but it seems to go slower if you have less to lose.
I usually lose around 2 - 3 lbs a week on this diet, which is a lot less than some other people.
But I can deal with it. Just need to stick with it a couple of weeks and I should make it


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well at least you lose so 3/4 lbs is still very good.what are you going to do after tfr?
I had 5 1/2 - 6st to lose. I have my 9th weigh in tomorrow and so far lost 2 1/2st, so its going well.
I'm going to take it a week at a time though and see how I feel.
Good luck everybody :)
Emma x
well at least you lose so 3/4 lbs is still very good.what are you going to do after tfr?
Maintenance I guess ;)
Actually, I'm gonna try to just stick to healthy eating habits.
I know that if I love the way I look, I can manage it easier.
And out of all the diets I've done, I know that carbs are my big downfall and make me crave everything!
So if I can minimise those, I'll be fine. I'll just eat bigger portions of the healthy stuff, but still try and incorporate everything into my meals


I will never give up
well once you get through the first day you'll be on the ball just keep going its such a great feeling waking up knowing you would have lost weight how rewarding. try not to stay up too late too as this makes it more difficult too. well just until you get used to it.

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