How much weight should i lose in 8 weeks?


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Hello! Yes if you don't reach your goal during foundation you stay on the packs until you want to stop. Lighterlife generally quotes a 3 stone loss in the 8 weeks but everyone is different. I lost 51lbs (3stone 9lbs) in the first 8 weeks.


Yes men do generally lose faster than women, and as guy said they reckon you'll lose around 3stone in the 8 weeks, I lost 3stone 2lbs so just made it in :)

and yes, you stay on the packs until either you decide that you've lost enough or your BMI gets to 25 (below 25 you have to go onto managment I believe, as it'd be dangerous to continue on the packs alone as you'll be thin by then! :D ).


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S: 16st5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.2 Loss: 3st6lb(20.96%)
Whoa, two things, I knew there was something weird about me and now I know - I lost exactly 3 stone in 8 weeks Pete, no wonder I have to keep shaving my chest!! ;-)

I didn't know the bit about going on to management at a BMI of 25!!! Is this just for men?? My LLC said to aim for 22 BMI as we wouldn't have any visible body fat by then, and no muffin top, so this is usually a good point to stop, and that we could use the foodpacks and stay on LL as long as we were above BMI 20 I think it was. I might have this so wrong, but if you know more I'd love to hear!


I'm sure my LLC said that if/when I hit BMI of 25 he'd be hesitant to let me carry on with the foundation/developers, and that I would really have to go to managemant at that point, as a "healthy" BMI of 25 on a man of 6" would mean I had very little fat at all to maintain the foundation/developers safely.