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How much will I have to pay?


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I don't know how much a countdown is but I do know that if you didn't take last week as a holiday then you will have to pay full price for the missed class hun. x
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I was thinking about this too, I missed this weeks so was wondering if I could take it as part of a countdown im buying next week. If I get charged for missed week might make me go every single week from now on!


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I don't think you can make a missed week as part of a count down, and unless you have been on holiday, I think you have to pay for all missed classes.


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As far as im aware if you miss a week you HAVE TO pay full price the next week and i cant be out of a count down as it has to be full price. sorry


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jus ask ur consultant if you could take it as a holiday orrrr say u were sick :) then its free
If you are on the electronic system you can't back date holidays or sickness. You need to tell your consultant in advance if you are going to miss a class, but use those holidays wisely, you only get 6 weeks. I'm not sure you can take weeks as sickness either - they would soon get wise to that!!!


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Basically your going to have to pay for the week you missed....no way of getting out of it.


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If your on the paper system you can get away with it! or if youve missed more than 2 weeks you might aswell rejoin with your old book!! but my Consultant did say if i go back on 4th jan i dont have to pay any back fees!
It is all down to your consultant - she's definately easy going if she lets you off with any back fees, paper system or not! I know mine wouldn't if you didn't tell her in advance - she's running a business after all!
Most people who miss 2 weeks or more at my group rejoin as it's cheaper for them.
Moral of the story - tell your consultant if you are not going to make it!!


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Speak to your consultant, as I know mine is very easy going and will let people have time off as holidays even if they havent put them in her holiday book. She will also let people who have been ill have them as holidays. :)


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Yer some are nice like that luckily mines lovely :)

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