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How much you paying???



on the up lol
£36 for me :(


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£36.00 for female however is cheaper if referred through Salford hospital - was £21 at beginning of year


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£36 as well. I believe if you get your GP to take you on and manage you at the surgery it is less x


is loving the soup?!
Oh yeah it's more in Northern Ireland. Doesn't seem fair!
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I pay £36 for my wifes weekly LT fix and mine costs £48.
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Mines is £45 and OH is £50 -we wee Oirish always get stuck with more ;) Thats what I get for living on potatoes I suppose ;) ;)


I will do this!!!
Mine is £27 but thats through the docs
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wonder if I could get it through the docs -stingy gits mine are so I doubt it -they gave my OH bloody laxatives when he went about his weight. I mean he's clinically depressed, suffers from anxiety & panic attacks-all aggravted by his weight -AND THEY WANT HIM TO GO SH*TE HIMSELF!! Laxatives! I ask ye!
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I agree! lol


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Mine in Halifax West Yorkshire is £36, which I don't think is bad as that is all you consume during the week except for drinks etc..
Deffo saving a fortune on booze.....LOL
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£36-00 and when oh went on it it was £48-00 and when he stopped i halfed his shakes and used them so made it cheaper for me. i think it should be the same no matter where you are why should it be dearer in irland it is still the same stuff fgs. xxx
Oh, thats bad news, dearer in ireland.... someone on another post is only paying £30 :eek:
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When i lived in Liverpool i worked in the same building as my pharmacist so his was 36 but i got staff discount of 20% making it 28.80. I've moved to Reading 2 weeks ago and the pharmacies around here charge 36 with no discount lol!! Defo saving a fortune...in 8 weeks managed to pay around 500 off my student overdraft :p


is loving the soup?!
BlackRose, I can't believe they said that to your OH!
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£33 for us Rotherham-ites! I never thought of trying to go through my doctors!!


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I pay £30, thats straight through the chemist no doctor involved:confused:


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I pay £33 a week, live in Doncaster.

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