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how much...

I've just looked back through my book - last year I put 4lb on, the year before I put 3lb on.
It is what it is, I enjoy myself, eat all the wrong foods and sort it out after Xmas!
Last year I put on 3.5lbs, half the amount I would have put on pre sw. I allowed myself Christmas day off plan and tried to keep a cap on it boxing day. Hoping to have a smaller gain this year if I can keep out the roses chocolate tin :p

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
I'm having the big day off, but hoping to limit the rest of the 'holidays' inc New Year which we're spending in Edinburgh. If I put 2lbs or less on I'll be a VERY happy bunny!
This is my first SW Christmas. I am intending to stay on plan(ish). However, I have my Christmas weight gain survival plan.....

I've noticed that after people have lost weight for things like holidays, when they come back, they are depressed about losing the weight that they have put on. They tend to feel that they are having to lose the same weight again. So......

I have reached 1 1/2 stone (last week). ANYTHING that I lose between now and Christmas is going in my 'weight bank'. This will be how much I am 'happy' to gain over Christmas. As long as I am the weight I am now at my first New Years WI, I'll be happy.


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I have only done SW over one Christmas in all the times I have done it.
That was my first time in 2002!
I just had a look in my little book and I lost a pound over Christmas! I only started on 12th December so I guess I was still being good, and lost each week that month.
I am almost certain I won't be losing this year but a small gain will be ok with me.
It's not the food that worries me, it's the drink!
Well I have gone the last two christmases without alcohol as I have been pregnant both times so I may just have to have a few but count them as sins, I dont do too bad during Xmas I dont tend to gorge so heres hoping my weight will stay the same or be a bt less!!!!


Xmas goal, here I come!
...do you normally put on over xmas?

I am not going to stop the classes over xmas but worried that this 9lb ive lost if going to go back on as ive got a few meals coming up and on xmas day i am obviously having cooked dinner.
I learned the hard way from previous Christmas's not to overindulge. I pick and choose what I will eat over that two week period, reminding myself that it just isn't worth it (re: weight gain) I have very small amounts of portions when at holiday do's and only on Christmas Day will I indulge to my hearts content. Hope this helps.
This is my first SW christmas, I'm going to eat within the plan & have my syns on mince pies, chocs & alchol & hopefully stay within my limit.

I know I'll get chocs for christmas as I've not told my MIL & dad I'm trying to lose weight. The problem is limiting my choc intake, once I have one I just can't stop.

At the moment I only eat choc on a Saturday with MIL which does me fine I just don't want it during the week, but come christmas that will change:rolleyes:
I'm going to try and stay on plan all over Xmas inc Xmas day but we will see. I am limiting how much wine (my downfall) I am buying then If I haven't got it I can't drink it. But as my old consultant use to say xmas is only one day so if I fall off the wagon hopefully I can get straight back on it on boxing day.

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