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How nutritious is Sole source?


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Now I’m not trying to do the Cambridge diet down or anything – I lost 1.5 stones in 4 weeks doing various stages so I am a big fan.
However, I had 2 colds whilst on it. I’m normally able to ward off coughs and colds and I certainly would not have to ring in sick if I did have a bit of a sniffle.
I was very well during the first week but towards the end I felt achy and fluey. Despite my best efforts to battle through it on paracetomal I ended up being sent home and having to resort to cold remedies that of course were calorie and carbohydrate laden. This meant that my weight loss slowed down but I did still loose. The cold returned again mid week 4!!

I know that the shakes & soups are supposed to be nutritionally balanced but I feel that they aren’t balanced for everyone. I did start taking additional vitamins and minerals and having a vitamin C & zinc fizzy tablet each day. The fizzy tablet again slowed down my weight loss.

I am due to have a hysterectomy next week (it has been put back a week) so cannot risk another cold now. I have now come off CD in preference for the Atkins (low fat) which I have done before without getting a cold.

How have other folk been on CD?
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I had no illness or anything on ss, it's 100% what you need so your colds could just have been bad luck xx
I have always suffered with terrible colds cofs etc etc, but since being on cd, i havent had -touch wood- a single cold or cof or anything, so it seems 2 have worked the opposite 4 me, mite just be bad luck. x x x


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Hi aislinn :)

I've been on CD Sole Source before and have to say I never felt better. Slept better, no coughs or colds and had tons of energy..:D:D:D

Note to self there and reminder, I think!!!!....lol:rolleyes:
According to the 'blurb' CD provides us with all the vitamins and nutrients we require to remain healthy.

I must say that I haven't felt ill while doing either LL or CD.

Chances are you would have been through that poorly patch whether on the diet or not.

Hope you are feeling better now.


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I have also managed 11 weeks on CD without a cough or cold. Pretty good going for the woman whose own mother says she was born with a tissue in her hand lol :eek:

I also realised a last week that i have got through the whole month of June without any asthmatic episodes. June is always really bad for my asthma but i havent had any symptoms this year, even mild ones. Now that could be totally coincidental and may be attributed to generally weighing less, but my asthma has spanned many weights, many weather scenarios, and many locations and has always felled me in June til this year. Strange but true :D

I agree with others, perhaps its just bad luck on your part.:( I have honestly never felt better in my life. I have energy that I have'nt had previously, especially for a (still but soon not to be) big woman, I walk quicker, lose my breath less and have'nt had so much as a sniff.

Good luck for your hysterectomy, I had that done in 2001, make sure you take time with your recovery, I was too career conscious at the time I had mine, started working from home after a fortnight and went back to work after 6 weeks (very naughty), I suffered.



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I have had 3.5 months on CD and never felt more full of energy or healthier for years!
Guess it must have been a rotten cold that you caught, I think that CD has made me feel amazingly well.

Mikki x


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Agree with all the above. I feel well, my hair and skin looks better, I have bags of energy, and I have fewer colds if anything when I'm on CD than when I'm not. I would say you've definitely just had a run of bad luck, Aislinn.


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I have always suffered with terrible colds cofs etc etc, but since being on cd, i havent had -touch wood- a single cold or cof or anything, so it seems 2 have worked the opposite 4 me, mite just be bad luck. x x x
Same i always used to be ill with colds and coughs and off work but since being on this nothing !!! Not even hayfever!


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Your comments have made interesting reading. It may have been just bad luck as I hardly ever catch anything. Apart from IBS which I manage very well I’m generally ‘fit as a butcher’s dog’.

Thanks Linda (CD counsellor) for the information I didn’t know that about the calories. I have read that I cannot do CD for 3 months after surgery but wasn’t aware that I should be having more calories before.

Thanks to all for the good wishes too. I work for social services so will be paid full pay for up to 6 months after surgery which will allow me lots of time to fully recover.

Good look to everyone with your weight loss whatever the route

………do you think they’ll give me a tummy tuck at the same time if I ask??…..lol!!

Aislinn x

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