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How often do you argue with yourself?

As some of you may know I'm off to Romania on a 'teachers trip' to visit other schools on saturday. Yesterday was my last weigh in for a week and a half and i have promised myself I will stay on plan until I go and even when im there i am going to try my damned hardest to count the syns (if and when I can).

Well, today I went into town battled with myself NOT to cave in and get a maccies breakfast. I must have walked past 10-15 different food stalls..doughnut stands, burger kings, kfc's, etc.. mouth drookling and managed to walk away from town with having only purchased a bag of fridge raiders!!:cool:

THEN when I got home the fridge is jam packed of mums sugary treats. I thought ahh what the heck your going away so one isn't going to hurt! I even made my choice as to what snack i would have- a mars bar. Walked away from the fridge leaving the mars bar there. Went back to the fridge looked at it AGAIN. Slammed the fridge door shut and insisted I behaved myself!!!

I resorted in a coffee with a sugar in it instead and a bananna.

Im glad of the final decision but I could really not do with these arguements with myself lol. Am I going mad???:confused:

Anyone else experience this?:eek:
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I am one of the 63336
Oh heavens, I SOOOOOO know what you mean! I swear the people in town the other day thought I was nutty as I was walking past coffee shops, cafes and sweet shops muttering 'no you don't. You don't want to go in there' etc and then saying 'well done' to myself as I got past!
LOL, id say i have this arguement with myself almost every other day!

a few weeks back OH was working away. It was going to be my first night in the new house on my own and not only was i not settled in properly yet but i was really struggling to get back on track.

I got myself SO worked up and this damn dominoes advert kept coming on telly. I told myself i had food in the slow cooker and would not get a dominoes. In the end my slow cooker (first time using it) meal cocked up and i caved and phoned dominoes.
I kept bargaining with myself.. i had to do the washing up before i went and got it.. i had to put away the clothes that were now dry..
then i decided i didnt want it, then i did, then i told myself i could either stay in the house all night by myself and have the dominoes. Or i had to suck it up and go to my mums for the night. well.. after almsot half an hour of arguing with myself, i packed a bag, unpacked a bag, packed a bag.. unpacked a bag.. ended up in tears on mums doorstep and dominoes ended up with an unpayed for large texas bbq with extra chicken strips, dips and some icecream. LOL

This was just a typical arguement lol.
i find this happens most when at home on my own! #

well done for resisting! - id like to say i never had that dominoes.. but i did, almost 3 days later when i couldnt combat the urge! damn those dominoes adverts!
LOL at the arguing! Especially you - that's taking it to the extreme St. Fern! Good on you for not giving money to evil Domino's :D And well done on Mars bar resistance Nik!

I can soooo relate to it. I am constantly arguing, negotiating and discussing with myself (sometimes out loud too - Sue!) A conversation in my head often goes like this:

"Ooh I want that. I wonder how many syns it is?"
"Too many - you don't have enough!"
"Yeah but I could cut back the rest of the week."
"Then you'd probably feel deprived and resentful. Or you will forget to cut back and just carry on and then you might not lose!"
"I could go for a run!"
"Er...in this weather? You won't!"
"I might..."
"It wouldn't work anyway..you can't earn syns for exercising."
"Nooo but..."
"No buts! Why don't you have something else...?"
"What, another apple?"
"Yeah! Or pineapple...you love pineapple."
"That's true, I do love pineapple."
"There you go then."

And off I toddle to the fruit section!
^ love it. Thats so what i do .. mind you mine usually ends with 'oh well.. i want it, it would just be mean to deprive myself.' .. then i end up with a few lbs over target to lose :p
lol its not only you me and my friend were in greggs last week gettin her daughter something (we both do slimming world) and she was staring at the cakes and i was staring at the pies, pasties ect the que was talkin forever 2 go down so in the end we just walked out lol xx
pmsl. This is fabulous!
As soon as I saw the thread title I knew what it was about before opening it.
Sue, Hellie, Fern, kellie, I can relate to you all.

I stand in the queue at Starbucks or Costa (my fave haunts) and I say you don't want a cake. Those paninis have millions of syns in them. The salad is okay. Not as nice though. Have a salad. What about fruit bread, it's low in fat so not as bad as rocky road. Hmm, just have a bl00dy skinny latte for god's sake.
I should stop going in.

Each weekend I argue about having a chinese or indian takeaway but I cook such yummy food (big head when it comes to cooking, me!) that I don't need a takeaway and anyway, it's full of oil.

I am currently doing dinner. OH has roast potatoes (left overs) I have BNS (again, left overs), I have picked up and put down his potatoes 3 times already......

Oh I could go on and on and on.......

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