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How old are we all?


Can hug her knees :)


Can hug her knees :)
Lol I am a big kid what can I say :)
oh to be asked for id lol xx
Ssssh don't tell anyone i am 38 x
i am 32 its not a bad age i am enjoying it so far
I have loved EVERY minute since turning 30..seriously! and i was for some reason dreading it?? Ive had soooo much fun since being 30 its mad. So much confidence and feel very self assured now..nothing like my 20's

Turning 40 doesnt seem so scary now lol 7 years to go... thats 7 years of planning a BIG parrrrrty :D


Winning a losing battle!
I must admit, since turning 35, I have started to realise how old I am getting and keep getting reminders that I'm nearer to 40 than 30 now!

I do have more confidence in my 30's and don't take anywhere near as much rubbish as I did in my 20's!

You're right though Mrs E, time to start planning a big 40th bash!


is a naughty girl...
I am stupidly scared of turning 30....and when I was younger i thought at my age (24) I should have a house, a husband and kids! Sadly I have none hehe x


Winning a losing battle!
You'll love your 30's Megan, nothing to be scared of!

If it makes you feel better, I was 32 when I got married so you've got plenty of time to enjoy and live before settling down!


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I am 35. I am not looking forward to being closer to 40 than 30!

Megan I felt like that too. Then the year I turned 30 I bought a flat and met my husband and got married at 32 so it will happen at the right time!

My 30s have been my best years ever.
agree 30's are fab I am loving them so don't worry its all good
30's ARE good. I mean... in ya 30's your still young enough to a point...to get away with wearing almost everything a 20 year old can...you have sooo much more wisdom! and you still look good (skin wise)....and confidence a plenty...and ohhhhh sooo much more knowledge on blokes :D

I'd actually say all that ^^^ goes for in ya 40's too being honest.. obviously one would dress to their age lool
I'm 36 :)
I'm 29 and have issues about turning 30!

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