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How or why can you sts?

I know that everyone is different but there must be an overall reason why anyone on a vlcd would sts. I dont want to become obssessed with my WI's as long as I know Im 100%(ss, water, exercise) but it takes a lot of concentration at times and a lot of hard work. It can really be so disapointing not to lose anything. It happens to many(but not all). I guess i just need a little encouragement at the moment because it is the first time this is happening to me and I have so much more to lose!!:wave_cry: Anyone? If you had an sts,please reassure me that it will come off....dont get me wrong, my overall loss is fine and Im happy with that, this isnt a complaint, just feeling a little down after a bad day and was hoping the scales would show a loss to make me feel better, but NO:cry:
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Hey Denise sending you hugs for a bad day but I promise you its one of the wierd side effects of this diet of a STS or a minimal loss one week and then a whoosh the next. Im going to put my losses on for last time for you as I was totally committed 100% with no blips no nothing (not like this time)
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I think you may be retaining fluid from your exercise but not sure dont quote me on this a CDC may know. hope you get a whoosh next week

the other thing is that I always used to say to myself in one way it doesnt matter what the scales say on a weekly basis as long as 2 wks together add up to 7 or 4 weks add up to 14 and looking at your stats you lost 18 and 18.5lbs the first 2 months and then think now you are month 3 and that will probably add up to the same
What Jess said ^^^^ Just remember your body is human.....it can't possibly lose humungous amounts every week!!! You are doing fabulously well by the way......xxx
Thanks jess, looks like the last 4 weeks of that was hard going!! I know what your saying about the exercise so i have made a decision to slow it down a bit and see if that helps.Maybe Im gaining muscle weight? Who knows?


Gone fishing
When fat leaves the fat cells, it often fills with water, temporarily. At some point and for some reason, the water will suddenly release and you get a whoosh and drop on the scales.

Also exercising can cause a STS as your muscles will hold on to water whilst they repair.

Maybe Im gaining muscle weight?
Nah, you're not gaining muscle. You'd need to eat way over maintenance cals to do that.
Hey ya, thats makes sense KD. (why do you have all the answers? LOL) I am hanging in there for the woosh next week.(or the week after?) My overall loss is fine and that is what keeps me going. Just needed to hear it from the forum. Thanks!!!
Thanks jess, looks like the last 4 weeks of that was hard going!!
By god it was and I was in healthy weight range feeling as bad as I did on Monday and starving hungry and thats why I never got to goal as I gave up started eating and the rest speaks for itself returning here 6 stone heavier!!!!!

keep your faith in the diet and it will come off chick PROMISE!!!!

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