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how quick does ketosis kick in?

Hi all I started on the 8th and today I have no appetite at all. Im really enjoying the flavour of my cappucino shake but Im really struggling getting it down.. I don't feel hungry at all...is this normal?

Also I had (disgusting) a very loose movement this morning without details is this part of the process too?

ty x
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i kno on Atkins its normally 2weeks into the diet ketosis kicks in.. as its the bodies way of detoxing.. im doing slimming world so i cant say for your diet.. but when i read about Atkins thats what i found out, try google hun if there is nothing on here about it x
I take my stinking breath and awful headache as a sign that ketosis is here. It happened on day 2 (yesterday-this is my 3rd btw) and I checked this morning with a ketose stick (because I must have got used to the death breath and the nasty taste!) and I was dark purple, one shade down from max.

So, its different for everyone but I think mine kicks in quick- keep an eye out for the sign, and if you use ketose stix, dont rely on them because result can vary a lot- like drinking more water diluting it etc etc :) But I find them handy if Im having a wobble or being obsessive!

Hope this helps! Tara xx
just done a test, oh bought me some sticks and im burgandy on the chart +++

Me too!!! Am one grom the high end of the scale!!! Feel better now?x
And I'm one day ahead of you! You're doing great!!!! Xx have you weighed yourself yet? X
mine was day 5. if your ketostix are dark, check you're drinking enough water, as they're sposed to detect concentration levels of ketones. it isn't the case that the darker the stick the more you're losing, though. it doesn't work quite like that (and at any rate the sticks are really unreliable - even within the same pack).
not really sure whats going on then with the colour because I drank near on 4 litres of water yesterday (I think thats enough) :)

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