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how sad is this !!!!!

i am really enjoying cooking for my family .... doing lunch boxes, preparing any kind of food. even though i know i cant have any, i have pleasure preparing and watching them eat . now is that sad !!!!i wouldnt swap my veg soup for my hubbys steak and chips for all the tea in china. very bizzarre thou , has anyone else been like this or am i a bit strange !!!
i ahve even got the cookery channels on , on sky .
must be my morphine ........ having to take it for bad pain !!!!
someone please tell me i am not the only one !!!
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I am the same! Well not right now because I am failing miserably on CD at the moment! When I was doing it sucessfully though I was really enjoying cooking for my family. I even started baking, I did lots, I turned into a real nigella! Was churning out cakes every day lol.

You are not alone, I think it must be a way of coping with our lack of "food". :)
why are you not doing well mochaj. you have had fantastic wt loss so far......
once you get back into the swing of things you will be fine ..... il share my morphine with you, you wont care then !!!!


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I'm sort of feeling the same!
I am happy cooking and preparing lunchboxes without wanting to have the usual nibble (well most of the time!)
I'm enjoying just savouring the smell of it all


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I just think you are very into this diet ! thats why its not making you want to even think of eating these things , hope it stays like that for you till the end !!
Hi Sue

This does seem to be a common "side effect" of this diet! At the beginning I was cooking up all sorts of things! I even went as far as baking my own bread, making cookies and chelsea buns!! Never done anything like that in my life! Luckily, it subsided around week 8! lol


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i keep doing that too , i invite all the friends over and ask and ask wheather they want something to eat, on tuesday i made banana bread, coconut cookies, oat cookies, and chocolate chip ones only to give them away and i keep watching Britains Best Dish

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I thought it was just me that found this :rolleyes:

I can't get enough of the smells too. I really enjoy them knowing they are sin free :D


I will get to goal .....
I love baking and cooking for BF and my dogs .... they thoroughly appreciate my efforts and it seems in an odd kind of way to be so much more rewarding not to actually eat what I have made!! I get very full off the smell of what I make and even before CD I would spend all Sunday preparing and cooking a roast dinner only to find I was full on the smell and didn't want any when it came to eating it!!

Long may it continue even when I enter skinny-dom!!
OMG me too. I have always hated cooking, but since starting this have begun to cook far more, even baking cakes and biscuits with the children last weekend.

Its such a peculiar side effect.


has started again!!
Curious! I went throught this when I started LL back in the distant past!! (Feb!) MY counsellor said it was called tranferrence! (The desire for food transferred to the creation of it, or something like that!)

It did subside for quite a while, but lately had resurfaced with a vengeance. I made my Xmas cake a month ago, lots of pickles (eggs and a piccalli - never ever done that before!), at the mo its apple cakes as we have been given lots of "cookers." Mind you, I find it harder than ever not tuck in once they're cooling on the rack!

Oh, and the addiction to UK TV Food is a huge thing with me, late night Market Kitchen and THe Barefoot Contessa etc etc..... & what about Nigella??? I have the new cook book and have now subscribed to the Good Food Magazine!!

I really hope I can keep this all in check once this diet is over!
I find this too. Friday I made

2 cappucino and nut cakes
1 chocolate cake covered in melted galaxy
2 Carrot cakes
refrigerated chocolate cake
Gingerbread "people"

and a few little cornflake cakes, and I didnt` even lick a spoon lol, I organised a jumble sale and coffee morning for my little boys pre school.
Managed to raise about £250 so it was worth it.

I did have a hubby and little boy doing the quality control checks though !!! lol
Apart from my blip recently.....

I am the same, I've always loved to watch the cookery programes and you would think that it would drive you mad watching them whilst on soul source but nope....I still love to watch them :)

I went through a stage of asking everyone who came into the house if they wanted something to eat, even the guy who came out to clean my gutters was asked if he wanted some toast etc..... WE CAN'T EAT SO WE GOTTA FEED EVERY BUGGER THAT WE MEET!!!!!:D



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I haven't baked for ages and yesterday I made Gingerbread biscuits and scones and today dh has put an order in for fruit scones!!
I don't think he os going to complain about me being on cd anymore!!
:sign0151:thank god its not just me then . made a big stew and dumplings today cos i cant be bothered with sunday dinner.....
cakes buscuits anything i will cook it , smell it and not touch a thing !
im so glad its happening to everyone....... now i know i am not mad

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