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How silly am I....

Hi all

As it says above - how silly am I? I have been a Cambridge user and re-user for over two years now and decided that I couldn't go on being on a VLCD then eating "normally" only to need the VLCD again so decided on SW.

Thing is with me that once I decide on something I do it so I signed up to my local group two weeks ago, Weds - (this is the silly bit) - that week was not only my daughters birthday & half term but my last week on a project (i'm self employed) so had fast food ventures, birthday cake followed by drinks and pub lunch with work then a big childrens disco on sunday - I know I shouldn't have signed up knowing all this was happening.

I have text my group leader (is that what they are called??) and she is fine with it as I explained I am likely to have at the very least stayed the same (due to being good the first 6 days) or put on a couple of pounds. She says I am always welcome and they will help me get to my goals. (Which I am very grateful for, of course).

My problem is the shame of going tomorrow night having never lost an official pound on SW then maybe also gaining on my WI.

I know it sounds pathetic but i want to power through my shame (!!!!) and go - any words of advice or know anyone at your group who has done anything so daft???

Sorry for rambling - thanks for any words

Em xxxx
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Don't worry about it - think of this week as a time to 'ease you in' to SW and get to know how the different plans work. Enjoy your weekend but stay in control, even though you are going to the parties, try to make the best choices you can.

Then go to your WI, stay for the group and listen to what everyone has to say, to get as much info from it as you can, and then start your first proper week full steam ahead.

SW is a great plan, I am eating much nicer home cooked meals, trying things I'd never had before AND losing weight on top of it!

Good luck :D x
I dont feel you've done a silly thing, you did the sensible thing in joining slimming world as you know you want to do something about loosing weight. We all will have hurdles to cross, i was off work last week so my routine went all wobbly, its just how to handle being in routine when theirs change.

It was your daughters birthday and you wanted to celebrate, i wouldnt be hard on yourself. You've spoken to your consultant and she sounds supportive which is fab, you did the right thing in texting her instead of not doing anything about it.

Even if you do not expect what you'd like to achieve tomorrow night, no one will think anything bad of you, everyone is their for the same reason to loose weight and have the support.

Good luck, you never know, you may loose as you followed the plan for 6 days :D

Thanks for that ladies - I know that going is better than not going so I REALLY want to go. I guess its just sitting there feeling bad about not losing - I am pretty sure I will at the most be the same if not heavier......

Can I ask if you both follow a mix or just one plan?

Em x x
I mainly follow green days, but the past 2 days i have followed red days and havnt had any potatoes/pasta as one, ive had a wobbly week and two, i wanna see if red days make any difference at all to my weightloss with having less carbs. Next week im going to try a red week i think, and see properly if my weightloss is improved and compare to having a full green week which ive had in the past.

I dont follow EE, ive tried it but i miss my 2 healthy b's xx


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There is no shame.

You have spoken to your consultant, which is the sensible thing to do. If you don't want your results mentioned or discussed then tell her, and she can miss you out when she goes round the room.
I know loads of people who have sts or gained in their first week, including my own consultant! Conversely, I also know a fair few people who had a big event during their first week, including my brother who went on a stag weekend, and still had a good loss so don't worry!

Whatever the outcome, you made the right choice in choosing a plan that recognises that people have lives and does not expect them to stop living them while they lose.

Give yourself credit for that and if the WI is one where you gain or sts, don't worry! Your good work will show results, if not this week, then definitely next week!

Let us know how you do!
Hi slimming em
Don't feel silly. You made the first step of joining which is a positive sign that you want to do something. We all have events in our lives that can sometimes throw us off balance but don't worry slimming world is a fantastic way of healthy eating that shows great results. Stick with it. You can do this xxxxx
Hey slimming_em

I agree with the others. And just wanted to add - there's no shame at all if there is a gain! In the classes I have attended there have been some people who have gained, and noone looks twice at them. It's just a normal part of life that from time to time you have a hiccup of a week. Noone will judge or whisper because we have all been there, and probably will be there at some point in the future.

And that's even assuming you have a gain this week, you might still have a loss ;)

Best of luck.


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I follow a mix - I started off doing Extra Easy, because that is the direction our C pointed us in when we started, however I struggled with the 1/3 superfree rule (or so I thought)

So I started doing red and green days, and I think I will just stick with these, as it helps me be a little more realistic with my portion sizes, but yet I am still having plenty to eat, and I still get lots of superfree in there too :D

I really do love this plan as it's given me much more awareness of what I am consuming, and I'm feeling much healthier for it (and much more inventive at cooking!)

Got my weigh in tonight after my first week of mostly red days, so it'll be interesting to see how that goes.

Hope you are enjoying it all so far :D xx
Good Luck Loloacola for your weigh in.I am doing Red,green ,red green this week so see what happens AND I have been following your red days for inpiration!

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