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How soon did you notice a difference in your body


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Hi size10! I did 3 weeks in June and noticed clothes looser after the first week, and then looser again every few days. Might be mind over matter though!

Have you started yet?


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I'm only on day two here but just wondering. With these big weight losses surely you are noticing results quick.

It depends on factors like your size and where the weight comes off fastest. I'm down a notch in my belt inside 10 days. The one I was in I had to make myself so I'm now my belt only legally fits as I'm into an original notch !
id say one to two week i noticed and 2 -3 weeks so did others
I started yesterday I can't wait to notice the difference. It usually is around the 3 week mark with weight watchers so to get results after a week is really exciting.
I think it varies on how much weight you are carrying. For me it was fairly soon. Started coming off my face first, then my stomach and love handles.
They usually say the last place it goes on is the first it comes off.
In week 7 now and my belt has gone up 3 notches and i'm down a clothes size and in a comfortable 16 now.
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Hiya, end of 2nd week for me. I've lost inches (though never measured myself....) around my hips, tummy, & waist. In the 3rd week I've finally started to notice my cheekbones again - hurray!!!! And in the 4th week my fingers lost weight LOL (they were never chabby, but I could feel slight fat there.....) and my 2nd chin became a mini chin - thrilled!!!!

All the best! I look forward to reading about your successes here :)

PS: Oh, and today I finally wore fab 'new' trousers I bought 2 years ago but never managed to wear.....my trusting old trousers (had 3 pairs in same cut, as they were extremely flattering in spite of size 18) can now be pulled unbuttoned through my hips.....
Hi Neem, love 'mini chin'. I am delighted with the stories on this forum. This diet really works and it helps to remember that as i'm hungry tonight. Holding off that last shake though. I have a pair of black combats I bought last year in the sale thinking they were size 16 but they were actually a 12. They are my target clothes.

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