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How supportive are your family & friends?


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I'm shaking with anger right now, and I'm not sure whether I want to scream or cry!

I'm in week 5 of CD now. I live with my parents and my brother is still at home too. So obviously I've been eating my soups/porridge/bars in front of them all every day. It would be pretty hard to miss the fact that I'm on some kind of diet.

A couple of days ago, my brother decided to offer me a chocolate bar (he never does this). My mam hastily 'reminded' him that I'm on a diet and can't eat anything 'normal'.

Today, I've been feeling really drained and I'm having really bad food cravings. I know I've gotten off lightly up until now as my food demons haven't really been bothering me, but I've found it really hard to get through today and I said so to my family when I got home.

After dinner, my brother then proceeded to get up and declare to the entire room "ooh, I think I'll go and have supper. What shall I have? I think I'm going to get some bread, and some crisps, and a biscuit, and a bar of chocolate. Ooh and then I'll go to bed and then when I get up it will be time for breakfast!"

(I forgot to mention, my brother is not a kid, by the way. He's over 30).

I had to get up and leave the room. Hell hath absolutely no fury compared to what I want to unleash right now! I'm absolutely fuming and don't know what to do with myself other than vent to some people who I'm sure will understand why I'm so angry (sorry for my rant!!)

I know I'm feeling quite emotional right now, but was that not just a little unfair? Does anyone else have similar issues with family/colleagues/"friends" taking the p*ss in your hour of need?

Sorry again for the ranting :sigh:
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I'm lucky in that my family and friends have all been very supportive. My mum tells everybody she knows how well I'm doing:rolleyes: I do have a family to cook for, but for the most part it doesn't bother me any more-though when I'm feeling a bit down it does annoy me to watch them eat dinner and then go to the cupboard to look for something else!

I'm sorry that your brother is being such a pain. Try not to let him bother you-I know that it's easier said than done when you are feeling emotional, but it's your response that he wants. Nothing is more annoying to someone who wants to take a rise out of you than you just ignoring it! You'll be the one laughing in the long run!


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I too am very lucky in that I have a very supportive family (especially my mam). My sister does CD on and off too so understands the diet and the problems we face doing it. Everyone know at work too, and again they are very supportive. They compliment me and ask me all sorts of questions - but its only curiosity, nothing malicious.

I feel sorry for you living with your brother. If you had not have told us his age, I was going to ask. I thought he was a teenager :eek:


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I know you said your brother is over 30, but he strikes me as being a bit immature. I'd just ignore him if possible.

I have only told a few friends and my husband (obviously) what I'm doing. My family don't know. I don't see them that often so I'll deal with it if they ask... which they probably won't as they are usually a bit too caught up in their own lives to notice what I do...


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That's brothers for you!! Brothers don't become adults - they remain teenagers forever (fact!). Mine would do the same thing if I lived in the same house (or even the same country) as them. Can you do this? :ignore::ignore::ignore: If that doesn't work just ignore him and get on with your day. He will soon tire of winding you up if he doesn't get a reaction.


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Thanks everyone :) You're right, he's very immature. I suppose I am too though, as I've been sitting here all this time trying to think of devious ways to get back at him!! :p

Sadly though he acts the same way around lots of people, including strangers, so he gets himself into enough trouble without me trying to cause more.

Thanks for the pep talks! You're right, I will be the one laughing in the end (we'll all be laughing in the end when we get to target!!)
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Take comfort. At least you are trying to solve your problems ;)


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I had a similar problem yesterday, it was day 5 for me yesterday and i thought instead of staying in my house which smelt of yummy food that i was cooking the family i would pop to a friends, she never has food about so i thought i would be safe, only i wasn't. I walked into her lighting some candles on a birthday cake for her 13 year old dog ( so sweet ) but then her HB came down for some cake and when he found out i was on the CD he would not leave me alone, he was putting the cake right under my nose to make me smell it and then when he was eating it i got all the sound effects, i was thinking to myself all along please hurry up and finish you damn cake and leave me alone, only it didn't on there so i got teased about all different types of food. If it would have been anyone i felt comfortable with i could have slapped him lol

I also get it from my mum, who cant believe i'm not going to eat food at my sons birthday BBQ.

Its so hard to fight those demons and the last thing we need is people like your brother and other people who don't understand what its like to be big and want to do something about it so much that we choose to do a diet that gives us no option but to cut food out.


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I must admit my immediate family, ie hubby and boys are very supportive, the youngest one want's to help me make my shakes etc, but my MIL is totally against it.
We went to a family picnic on Saturday, and I told her about the diet, she then proceeded to say..
' Well I know you are doing your shakes, but I didn't know that you wouldnt be eating' duhhhhh

The way that I look at it is this - we have read all the literature, we know how the diet works and these people don't ! In some cases, like my MIL, it's just ignorance.. After all until I did the research on CD I didn't understand what it was all about...

Get yourself on here for support etc - I'm not saying we are experts - not by a long chalk - but at least we know where you are coming from....

God I can almost feel my skin growing thicker as I type - :D:D


Louie lou

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Hi, my husband is on CD so is fantastic as he is going through it with me, not many of my family know, I see then all around Christmas so want to be at goal by then, my parents know and are great, they have wanted me to lose weight forever.

I will be seeing my best friend in Sept when we will all be going on holiday together, I haven't seen her since Christmas as she lives in Chicago, so hoping she will see a big difference, she nice and slim and has been on at me for years to lose weight, I think she was scared for my health.

I had to tell my cousin who lives in Lincoln as she is coming over to see us and said not to cook, we could go for fish and chips. She happy as well.

Work knows as I have to eat the bars and tetras in front of them, I have also turned down 3 meals because of CD, they make me text them on a Sunday night straight after weigh in as they think it great that I can lose half a stone in a week.

At least you are losing the weight your brother would be hard pressed to have a personality transplant.
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Speaking as an annoying older brother myself it is only the reaction that he is after.

Secretly I am sure he is really proud of what you are doing to tyr and help yourself.

If you dont react he will soon get bored and move on to the next thing to annoy you.


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I've found it best to aviod telling people about the diet-obviously it cant be avoided when living with people though! Im sorry your brothers being an idiot-no offence! Just say to him-"I could have that if I wanted but Im chosing not to thank you very much!" My family are supportive enough but dont think anybody truely understands the diet unless they've been on it themselves.

I've got my sons christening at the end of July and I'll still be on SS at this point, I think Im going to have a SS+ meal but I will have a bit of the christening cake- I know I'll get the chance to have fruit cake again after CD but its the top teir of our wedding cake so I wont be able to have that again-will definately be puting the rest of the cake home with family though so its out of the house!!


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I live with my husband and mum (my dad died a couple of years ago so we bought a place between us all ),but my mum has always gone on about my weight, i know shes only concerned about my health but the arguements we have had over it you wouldn't believe, but since starting this diet (only last weds ) she has been great giving me loads of support, my husband and mum never even eat in front of me, and when i feel the urge for food my husband reminds me how well i'm doing and how food will still be there when i finish, its not forever. I know it must be hard to have your brother winding you up all the time but be strong and just remember...its not forever! Bigs Hugs xxx


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Thanks again everyone for all the supportive words :)
Sass, I feel for you! Let's hope the annoying people in our lives put on weight and have to go on a diet themselves ;-)


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i hope you are feeling a bit better now and have calmed down, just ignore him, or try to explain how are it is and tell him how cruel he is being. xx

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