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How to cope with all the social events over the summer & still stay on track


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Hi All, some advice would be appreciated please!

I have 2 events in my diary for June/July - a hen do and a wedding, which I had decided to basically go and have a great time, and not worry about the plan. Its only 1 day in each month, so how much damage can it do?

Then yesterday I realised that there are 3 consecutive weeks in June where a social occasssion with drink is involled, then 2 consecutive weeks in July which are the same - I am starting to panic slightly...

So, weekend after next is a bbq & birthday party, foillowed by birthday party the weekend after, followed by hen do. I then have a 3 week gap and then a wedding, followed the week after by an engagement party.

Here's my thinking

BBQ & Birthday Party - avoid sausages, bread, burgers, drink spirits with diet mixers, hope for the best

Birthday Party - eat loads before i go, and try to stick to spirits with diet mixers - hope for the best

Hen Do - food optimise as much as possible. I don't want to feel limited this night so will probably flexi syn so I can drink a few bottles of wine - minimise the gain.

Wedding - again, a flexi syn day as I will have no control over the food & do not want to feel restricted on the booze front - minimise the gain

Engagement Party - eat loads beforehand, avoid the inevitable buffet, and drink spirits with diet mixers - hope for the best

I am thinking the best thing to do is to set myself an maximum gain for this whole period. Being realistic seems ot make sense and I think I'm, less likely to feel guilt if I do gain, doing things this way

Whats are your thoughts peeps? Am I going about this the right way?
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I'm thinking each week you have between 70-105 syns. Why don't you try using your syns weekly rather than daily, this will give you a little more flexibility.

Eating before the birthday & engagement party is a brill idea, I've done that in the past & it really does work.

For the bbq why don't you take your own sausages/burgers etc & ask them to cook them, again eat before you go.

At any of the events could you drive then you don't have to indulge in alcohol?


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I will definitely be using all my 105 syns, which I'm not worried about, and yes, it makes sense to have maybe 5 as day and save up the other 10 for the party nights. - hadn't thought of that one. The driving idea would be great - if I hadn't taken my car off the road recently so I am forced to walk more!!

Thanks for the ideas - I will defnititely be trying them out


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For me, the eating before I go thing doesn't work as I still eat at the buffet/party/event - I just cannot resist it and I can eat when I'm full :-(, so I now don't eat before I go and at least I haven't then eaten twice!

I think saving your syns for the night is most definitely the right idea, it really will limit the damage as 105 syns in one night goes a long way.

Enjoy the events hun, it seems like a busy time for you!


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Hi Kingleds......Im a bit like you as in I have numerous socials coming up over the summer. I had set my target date for the 27th May but will be a few pounds off my goal weight, but will keep going until I get there. My plan for these socials will be to be careful on the particular event (within reason!) & stay on plan the rest of the week. I dont think I will be counting Syns, but just be rather selective in what I eat. I find I feel quite nauseous now if I eat too rich/fatty foods, so I'll be staying well clear of that type of food if I can. The last thing I want to do is ruin all the hard work I've put in over the last 6 months for a few naughty nights.....just counted up the socials....10 in total!!!!!!!! Plus all the outfits I couldn't get into fit me now & Im not going to buy 10 seperate new outfits!!!!! Enjoy your summer!


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Sounds like I am at least on the right lines with my thinking - that in itself has made me less panicky about the whole thing so thanks ladies!!

I think i have decided to limit my syns to 5 a day for the days I'm not going out on the razz - leaving me 70 for that day. That shouldn't be too difficult to do as I often find myself adding stuff to food to get my syn count up to 10 or 15.
70 syns is 3 bottles of wine, or 28 single vodkas - and I definitely can't drink all that, so should be okay - plus that covers me for the inevitable 'slightly drunk forget that sausage rolls aren't free' nibbles at the other events!

The wedding & hen do will have to be pure off plan days due to the food I think but I had already planned and expected these to be off plan so thats no a problem.


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Saving your sins is a good way to go but you will need to watch those high fat foods if you get slightly tipsy, I know I crave anything high fat when i'm sloshed. Enjoy yourself and good luck with your continued weight loss.:D


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It is tricky when you have a lot on socially, you need to be determined and focused enough not to undo all your hard work. Good on you for thinking about it now and having a plan. In your position, I'd be laying off the booze as much as possible as it eats up the syns and leads you to make bad food choices! Don't know how feasible that is, but you can stay in control and on plan in all these situations if you make sensible choices.


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Was discussing with the OH & he made the very good point that i don't really drink that much when we go out so i actually think i could stick to 10 syns a day for 6 days, then leave 45 syns for the nights out. Thats still a couple of bottles of wine, which is more than enough for me!

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