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How to cope with loose skin after weight loss am scared

Hi all
just wanted to ask how pple cope with loose skin after weight loss. am about to join cd and have about 4 stone to loose but my tummy is already saggy after two c-sections and fat.just cant imagine how bad i would look when the fat goes. i would love to hear ur expiriences.
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Hi Salchichi, I know how you fell about that, I had a huge "apron" after 6 months on induction, luckily over the years it has gone.


...we're sinking deeper.
I'd say... don't worry about it. I've just said to myself: I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
Over time I have accepted my loose skin, I know it will shrink with time. I hated myself when I was fat, I damn well am not going to hate my body after all the work I've done.

I love my body now even with all the saggy loose bits. If I didn't love it - then I'd have WASTED the last year and a half.

If you can't accept what will inevitably happen - then why bother in the first place? Are you chasing 'perfection' which is pumped at you through the media?

Learn to love yourself. That is the only way to true perfection. With that gift - life becomes so much easier.
Hi there

I know it's easily said but try not to worry. There is no way of knowing what the ultimate result will be. I have some saggy bits but I can honestly say I wouldn't change anything. They are part of me and I'd rather have the saggy bits and be happier and healthier.

Well said Minerva and Porgeous

I agree with you both. I never worried about how stretched my skin looked like at 21.5 stone. I'm sure as anything not going to beat myself up for being slim and healthy and looking 10times better.
Yeah, I've got batwings and some saggybits, but not bad considering how obese I was for a quarter of a century.
The body truly is amazing with how it copes with everything we do to it.
I've been amazed at how well my skin has adapted and changed.. our bodies are amazing, and able to change and adapt all the time.. I was worried about this too at first... so looked into it...

1) I booked a block of weekly massage with some of the money I was saving on food and drink

2) I smothered myself with Palmers special skin cream for weight loss and pregnancy every night for about a month

3) the masseur said that I'd beneft more if I started swimming... didn't feel like it at first, but once the weight started to disappear, the thought of it became more attractive, and I've now been swimming from time to time.. getting on for 2, 3 or 4 times a week!

I don't know for sure how much any of these helped, cause I can't compare with if I'd not done them... but I have to say.. my stretch marks are now LESS visable than when I was over 16 stone, and I'm comfortable wearing shorter sleeved tops than I have been since I was in my early twenties!

When I was preparing for CD, I was scared, and I was thinking of all the scarey things that might happen... I am SO VERY pleased/relieved/happy that I have been doing this diet, and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner!

All the very best to everyone, and enjoy taking one step at a time!

Vicki x
Hey Guys,

Im 22, Im 5ft8 tall, i started out weighing 14stone3lbs and now weigh 12stone8lbs, im trying to get down to 10stone to give me a healthy BMI of 21.6.
I am concerned about loose skin, is it true that weight lifting and sit ups work?


looking to make a change!
i guys i'm currently doing cambridge diet and with over 15st to loose i wonder too about loose skin. when i came on this thread i was interested to hear that it can just 'shrink' away. how come?


...we're sinking deeper.
Loose skin is a combination of over stretched skin - and fat cells still retaining some fat within. Toning exercises (such as light weight lifting, aerobics, swimming) will burn the fat around the muscle tissue in use, and pull the loose skin in - so that it sits more closely to the muscle itself.
So; knowing this, loose skin will definitely 'shrink' with some perseverence and effort! :D
Hi spanner, I can't recall really, it was so gradual, probably 2 to 3 years I think. It was while I was on OWL anyway. The apron came from losing so much so quickly during my 6 months induction.
What a fab thread, I was wondering this too. I got approx 6 stone to lose and i have a loose skin already ( post pregnancy belly) so thought omg whats it going to be like once i dropped 6 stone but will definalty try the coco butter, swimming etc. At the end of the day i agree with what the others have said, I would rather be healthy and slim and have loose skin that big, unhealthy and miserable. To me there is no other way for me now i have turned a corner in my weight loss and i am going all the way x
Don't worry. In my experience the bits of saggy are not half as bad as when I looked as if I was about to burst !!;)
Good luck with your 6 stone.
I went from 21 stone to around 13.5 about 10 years ago
and my skin was fine no bat wings my stomach was good also

but my family are all big and we seem to be built for it
i had next to no stretch marks at 21 stone
just a few under my armpits

I started at 24 stone this time and my skin had reached its limits
i was ill and coughing and was so bloated i tore 3 rip marks in my stomach thats when i realised it was now or never the next day i started my diet

I have slight batwings and im unsure how my stomach is going to end up this time but i wont have a pouch


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I would say that if you exercise (cardio and weights) and lose gradually (2-3lbs a week) your skin wont be as saggy as you think, i've gone from 18 stone 4lbs to 13 stone 9lbs currently and i dont really have any saggy skin. Im hoping this will stay the same for when i get to 11 stone!

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