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How to deal with a special occasion?

This Saturday is my first anniversary with my boyfriend. Eating & having a drink or two together has always been a solid part of our relationship.
He supports me doing LL, & is prepared for me not to be eating over the weekend, but I am very apprehensive about it.
I know it sounds silly not to be able to think of a way to enjoy this sort of occasion without eating drinking, but I can't! We never want to see the same films so the movies is out & that's the only other thing I could come up with. I know it's not ESSENTIAL to go out for a meal, or even have a meal at home in order to celebrate, but the fact is, it's nice to mark the occasion with some sort of special thing.
I am toying with the idea of eating on Saturday night, just steering clear of the carbs so that we can enjoy something together, but I'm not sure. I don't want to say now that I will not eat, & end up stuffing my face, as I know that scenario will make me feel out of control, & may lead to a binge after he has gone home. I feel as though if I decide now that I will have X on Saturday, that it will be controlled & therefore very easy to get back into the foodpacks after only an evening. Or am I just talking myself into silly things?
Any help or advice any of you have would be brilliant.

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Hi Cordyella

I notice you are also from york. I am not on week 4 well going into week 5. Do you go to Angela? and if so what day do you go? I am there on a tuesday night

Anyway back to your question! Have you been on the wheel? If not have you thought about going up there at night when the skyline is all light up?? You could get all wrapped up. I think there is a VIP car.

It could be romantic. Followed by a stroll down by the river (if its not flooded) then how about going to one of the many late night cafes in York and you can treat your man to a drink and you could have a black coffee or have a glass of sparkling water on ice. (Maybe suggest he eats before you go out)

You can still enjoy the atmosphere of town.

I went out with work last wed night in York and I sat and drank sparkling water all night while my collegues got drunk. I had a really good night.

I personally would avoid eating as you are only cheating yourself but that is only my opinion and it is upto you. Imagine how proud you will be if you manage to stay abstinent.

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Yes, I go to Angela on Saturday afternoons, first class last week.
I'm afraid of heights so the wheel isn't quite my idea of fun, although it does sound romantic.
The thought of going out with work or going out with friends & staying abstinent doesn't bother me, there's enough to see & do in a group of people that keeps your mind off it, & then you feel quite virtuous having a clear head the morning after, & having lost weight at your weigh in!
I really don't know what I will do. We go walking a lot, usually by rivers too, it would just be nice to do something else for our anniversary rather than video/early night or another walk. I'm probably being a little defeatest, but this really is an important day to me, & I want to make it special.
I suppose it's a little sad that I want to do that with food & drink.

How about going booking a spa day? They do them for couples and can be romantic too. Both of you get pampered and you dont need food to do it!

Harrogate Spa is a fab place it is cheap and I think from memory they do mixed sessions. It is a victorian spa bath. Otherwise there is a place down stonegate forget the name near Next that does Spa's for couples. Or do one at home if its too expensive. Light candles set the mood etc..

Right now cant think of anything else to recommend if it was summer I would have said a river cruise.

I hope you have a great day whatever you end up doing

Thanks Jo.
I will talk to him about it tomorrow night when he gets here. We will probably just end up with a video & an early night (ketosis makes me really tired), I might wangle a massage out of him if I'm lucky!

No probs

Ketosis has the opposite effect on me I have more energy than I can use!! Apart from right now I am full of cold and feel crap! My little one has an ear infection so not been having much sleep either which doesnt help.


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