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how to deal with all that water

Hi All,
This is my first time on SS with CD but have done it many years ago, how do you deal with drinking all that water? I am working 12.5 hour shifts and keep running off to the loo is rude! I also dont want to be dying to get to the loo on the 45 minute train ride!
Also do you only weigh yourself once a week? My friend and I are on it, and this is week 1 my friend is struggling and I am trying to be positive she isnt seeing our counsellor until monday but I dont know if she can last that long and she may kick herself if she eats
Sorry for all the waffling!
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I never used to drink water and now am in a routine - I find the best way is to get into habits early - I make sure that I don't have lunch (bar) unless I drunk a litre - same with the afternoon, don't go home until another litre is gone. While at home, I sip throughout the evening, I have a fave 'pint' glass and once it's empty, I fill it up again (with chilled water from the fridge).....before I know it 3-4 ltrs gone! If I have a long journey, I try not to drink for an hour before it, that helps. Good luck with your CD journey - you can do it!
Hey I was NEVER a water drinker!! infact I used to heave at the taste of it!! I never thought I would be able to get 3 litres a day down me and to be honest now I enjoy it and I am reaping the benefits!! My skin is clear and soft, cellulite is dissappearing and I actually feel so refreshed. I would never go back to my old habits of coke coke and more coke. If the water does get a bit boring then try the water flavourings u can get from your cdc. Some days I have all 3 litres with this and it gives it that bit of change.
You and your friend started this diet for a reason!! don't give up!!! seriously the first few days are the hardest but once you get in ketosis it becomes real easy!! although my social life is down the pan lol!!! everything revolves around food sometimes lol.
When I started the diet I got laryngitis and bronchitis and so nearly fell off the wagon but I reminded myself why I was doing this and just went to bed early if the temptation got too much!! please don't give up!!
If I can do it anyone can believe me!!!!
looking forward to hearing about your successes!!!!! :)
hi, just build up your water intake slowly, your body will get used to it.xx
if your friend is really struggling get her/him to ring the cdc for help/advice /encouragement.xx
good luck to you both on your cd jouney, i look forward to reading your brill losses.xx
Before this diet I was rubbish at drinking enough fluids. Like others have said you will get into a routine. I put 2 2l bottles of water in the fridge in the evening and its my aim to get through these the following day. i don't drink an hour before going out or a couple of hours before bed. I'm on maternity leave at the moment so I don't have to worry about kep nipping to the loo at work, but I'd say just plan it around your day. You'll find a way that works for you. X x x


is going to loose!
I drink, or I'm getting back into the water after a few weeks being AWOL, about 3 or more a day. I have a sports water bottle 750 ml. I have one before I leave the house for work (start straight after my shower) and then refill at work, 2 bottles by lunch (1pm) and then another before end of school day (3pm).

Today is my 2nd day of getting back into it and chose to do it on my day off, now I have the weekend to adjust, so by Monday I should be normal again...

I didn't drink anywhere near enough water before CD and initially I was dashing to the loo about every half an hour! lol
It only took about a week before my body started to adjust and I don't go anywhere near as often now(in fact I can sleep a solid 8 hours without having to get up! :D )


Loves being slim!
I have to say, last night was the first night in ages I have got up for the loo. I assume that means I've drank enough lol.
I am not a water drinker, but I've bought some small bottles that I keep refilling and putting in the fridge, so I can grab them if I have to be out. I Also have some fizzy water, as I used to drink bottles of lemonade all day, so it helps jazz it up a bit more than plain water.
i was when i first started the diet but after a week by body seems to have become used to it! I was even questioning if i was preggers (i'm not) not felt like that since i was pregnant with my son!

It does become loads easier though, i buy water in the 500ml bottles and drink 1 before breakfast, 1 mid morning, 1 with lunch and 1 with dinner, then normally i get through 2 in the evening, and that is the right amount for me.

Good luvk

I have 500ml bottles too. I don't have my first shake until I've drunk one. I have twox500ml before my second shake, and another two before my third. So that's 2.5L so far. I have another 500ml before my fourth (I'm on SS+), 3L total, and if I can (I often don't) I have another before bed.

I am running to the loo all the bloody time but I feel so much better for it. I think I'm on a bit of a water/ketosis high actually!

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