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How to get back on the wagon AND STAY!

Well, I started the SS about 7 weeks ago.
The first month I lost about 20 lbs - but the last three weeks, I have been adding on lbs every day. I regained 10 lbs in the past three weeks, just by falling off the wagon. :break_diet:

I'd be good during the day, drinking LOADS of water and staying on my shakes, but at night......lord, have mercy!
Really, I felt like a junkie or something, when I reached for the cookies in the jar - eating them in the kitchen so my boyfriend couldn't hear. :wave_cry:

Have you ever had that feeling, like at night, nothing can touch you. You can eat that cookie or that yummy sandwich or kebab, no worries, you'll pick up the slack tomorrow, by waking up really early to go jogging or hit the gym.

Well, Frankly my dear, I've freaking had enough of FALLING OFF THE WAGON.
I'm getting on a new wagon -TODAY- NOW! I have changed my destination - I'm going straight to my goal and I am NOT getting off the wagon. I refuse to.
Seriously, this is me, writing with a full stomach, letting you know that by this time tomorrow I will be writing you with an (semi) empty stomach! :eek:

I'm starting a countdown - 'til April 1st, my friends, I am going to stay on this train 'til I hit my goal.

And whenever I need inspiration, I will count on you guys! All the amazing stories I have read have been such a good support system for me!

Alright - COUNTDOWN:

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Just want to wish you luck, with that new found determination, I just know you are going to do it this time :)

Oh yes, in the past, I have had the naughty hunger pang at night for something unhealthy and so wrong for me AND convinced myself that I would cut back the following day to 'even things out' :confused: It doesn't work, but I am going for it in a different frame of mind THIS time and won't have 'the goodies, that are really baddies' in the house in the first place :D

Look forward to reading your progress.

@ RainbowRose:

Thank you so much :) It is really nice to hear that someone has felt the same way ! :thankyou:

I am really impressed by your journey so far! Keep up the good work, you really are an inspiration!
If you have any tips you can share on what to do when those "urges" comes along, feel free to share!

G: 10st7lb
Hi again

when I have the horrible hunger pangs in the past I have....

gone to bed early (if its not too far from bedtime anyway ;) )

Had a long bath

listened to paul mckenna cd

decorated :eek:

had a wardrobe clearout

painted my fingernails (can't reach my toes without a struggle :eek:)

read a before and after success story in a magazine

or came on here!!!!

(but if the urge is too strong and I have to eat something, I succumb to a piece of fruit or 2 ryvitas with low fat spread..or drink a couple of glasses of ice cold water, it does work! )

Good luck
Thanks :)

Thanks for all the good advise, I guess there is plenty to do instead of eating and thinking about eating!
Just got home and felt an urge to just give up and eat and start over tomorrow, but I´m going to follow your advise and take a long bath and go to bed super early (hey - it´s called beauty sleep!)

Good luck with yours as well :) Im looking forward to hearing about your succes! :happy096:

G: 10st7lb
Enjoy your bath, visualise how stunning you'll be at your new weight..and get those naughty giving up thoughts outa your mind girl ;)

I'm off to eat a healthy dinner, home made veg soup, three baby potatoes, thinly sliced roast beef and beetroot balls. Yummy!
Alright.....Day 2 !
I keep on wishing I would have started on Monday instead of on Wednesday, but here we are, day 4 on the week and day 2 of my struggle.
Yesterday was really, really hard. I was obsessing with just eating a small piece of a carrot, or a tomato or even a cucumber.
In the end, I went to bed at like 8:50 pm (!!!) :nightf:

Feeling a bit low on energy, I really hope it will pay off in the end.
Right now I just want the days to pass, and I hope I will be stronger next week.

Tonight is ZUMBA time!! Has anyone ever tried that? I am seriously NOT a good dancer and I can't really imagine myself shaking my hips to burn off calories, but atleast it will keep me busy from thinking about food......... :party0051:

I figured out I have a bad relationship with food. It fills me up. Not only my belly, but it makes me feel good, it calms me to eat.
But I am ending this relationship now. It's over. And like they say, with love, it hurts like hell to let it go, but when you are in a bad relationship that only hurts - you'll be so much better off without it. I want to change my life, I want to be stronger, fitter and lighter. Not eating to fill a bottomless hole. I am going to fill that hole with confidence! And I know, if I can get through this, if I reach my target goal, I can do anything.

Seriously, people: you guys are heroes! It takes so much dedication, discipline and determination to do this. I am sure that you guys all have the determination and character to climb mount everest, or even run a marathon (now, all I said was determination, I didn't say we should do it! :) )

Alright. Here we go. Changing our lives. Not letting food and fat get the best of us. Taking control and becoming beautiful, not only on the outside but from within.

And it's already Day 2. Another day, another chance, another step in the right direction. :grouphugg:
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Good luck....

I wish you all the luck in the world...

I have tried and failed so many times at SS and always have it in my mind so it seems to stop me sticking to anything...

I am finally getting it out my head and can't battle anymore with it.

Stick with it because the results are so rewarding x
Size 16,

Thank you for the encouragement! What other alternatives have you tried? I was thinking about trying something more "diplomatic" than SS, to keep food in my daily life, but I get motivated by fast results and I hope to reach my goal quick. But I honestly think any positive change in an unhealthy eating pattern is good :) Even if it means just cutting down on the sweets for some people and getting on the SS for other people. Its all something, and its moving in the right direction.

Good luck :)
G: 10st7lb
Yay, I'm loving the determination and attitude, go for it!

I associate food, mostly the wrong type, with good times, going out for meal, snuggling up at night with a dvd and savoury snacks, crisps, nuts etc, preparing and making a huge family meal, treating ourselves to a take away....ooooh, my life is going to change big style :)

Everything in moderation is a good guide, further down the line it might even allow you and me to indulge in something a little more tastier once in a blue moon.

Once you tell yourself you can't have somehting, you start to crave it, so personally I have exchanged and replaced all the fattening goodies for healthier options.

If you are so hungry at the end of the day, you can't concentrate, I've been there in the past, have something, fruit or a bowl of cereal sometimes is enough to fill the gap, then you can still go to bed early and feeling satisfied and proud of yourself.

Make sure you are eating enough calories during the day as your body reacts when it think it is being starved and holds on to all reserve fat, as it panics when the next meal is coming! I know that from experience :eek: and when you weigh in, you'll have stayed the same!!!!

Tell us how zumba goes, I quite fancy it, but exercise bike first for me!

Good luck

You are such as good coach! Very motivating :)
I'm glad you can relate to the relationship with food, I am just the same, all good times include food!
My goal is to be able to have a healthy relationship with food one day, it doesn't have to be black or white, but I want to be able to have a couple of cookies as a dessert as opposed to a whole bag. I want to be able to have a bowl of crisps or nuts on the coffee table without having the urge to binge it all at once !! lol

Alright, thanks for the advise, I will try to think about the calorie intake, I can slowly feel my body reacting to the diet - but I try to stay full by drinking loads of water.
BTW - do you know if sweetener is bad in your tea? And how much are you allowed to take in/day?

I am contemplating on what to do this weekend.......to stay busy! Food usually is a big part of the weekend.....

Let's see what day three does to us!
When is your weigh in??

Zumba starts in an hour, I am a bit nervous, but let's see how it goes!
G: 10st7lb
Thankyou :) Nobody has ever called me a motivation coach before, how nice!

Oh I know what to do and how to do it (for me) but in the past I've given up and never reached my ideal weight and look, but this time its going to be a different ending, or I might as well crawl into a corner and await old age with an extremely obese label attached to me :rolleyes:

Sorry I can't help with sweetener question as I don't take sugar in my tea, but I think it would be okay to include it, as it is the original sugar replacement from years ago, and shouldn't do any damage to your plans.

Maybe someone else will know more about it?

My 1st weigh in is on Monday morning :eek:

Enjoy zumba, wish I had the confidence to join now, too shy and ashamed of my looks at the moment:eek:

Look forward to hearing all about it :)
First of all: Thank God Its Friday!

Woke up this morning, with a sense of victory. I made it through, one more day. And look at it already: its Day 3!

Last night, right after work, I fled the office with a colleague to a local gym. Mission: try ZUMBA!

Alright, so we walk in to a crowded room with mirrors, and my first instinct was, why oh why am I doing this? I was feeling awkward in my chunky sweater and sweatpants.
In walks a über muscular young guy with a butt like beyonce and a body like a model. And of course, as the package promised, this guy could really "Zumba" or rather "Shake his butt".

The music was GREAT! Up tempo cha cha cha, salsa, samba, all lovely rhytms that makes you want to dance! But my goodness, was it difficult! The choreo was hard enough to learn, but the "butt shaking" was just impossible! Is it possible that some people are genetically born without a "butt shaking" gene? Because I swear, every time I tried to shake my butt (which you have to do like every 20 seconds in Zumba), everything but the "butt" was "shaking"!

But seriously, I was sweating rivers! It's basically jumping around, shaking your butt and doing some salsa in between for an hour to spicy, fun music. Who cares if you can't follow the choreo : there was like one person in the whole class who could! The rest of us (old, young, thin, big) just gave in and jumped around! I am certain that a video recording of last nights Zumba could have made it to "Americas funniest videos" or some show like that, but it was really worth it!
Time passes by fast, before you know it, its time to stretch and you've burn a bunch of calories! Afterwards I went home, had a shake and I was fast asleep before 22:00 :)

Maybe I'll try again next week, who knows?
It's DAY 3 and it's a GOOD DAY!
G: 10st7lb
woweee! :D

You are in the right place and the right frame of mind. YOU are going to do this!

Loving the sound of zumba, there is a class near me, but just can't face it, not yet! BUT it sounds like a great fun workout with fab music.

Well done, I'd have ran a mile from the mirrors, so good for you, I'm impressed :D

You even had some male eye candy to look at while you exercised :woohoo:

One day I'll get zumba'ing too ! :banana dancer:

You have completed another day, and this time next week, you'll have completed 9!
How to get back on the wagon and STAY! - Day 4

I LOVE the shaking/dancing smiley!!!LOL! :D Very funny :)

Its Day 4! I sneakily got on the scale yesterday and I had lost 2 pounds!! Ok - it´s not THAT much, but still, its something! I really really hope it will continue in this direction.....

The weekends is harder though, do you agree? My weekends used to be filled with baking, cooking, eating......
Tonight I was invited for dinner at my parents in law....gosh, that was hard!
I sat at the table with everyone, feeling awkward.....have you ever been in that situation? :confused:
I just kept on refilling my glass of water and it was terrible to watch everyone eat and stuff themselves! I wanted to do that! I had to use ALL my positive thoughts to not give in...and it was a very long, dreading half an hour...BUT when they finished eating I was so relieved!

Another day. I hope time passes fast....and I can say it´s day 9 :)

Two more days and it´s time for weigh-in, RR !!!!
I am really looking forward to hearing about your process :)

My weigh in is Friday 4th of March, I just hope I can keep on going until then :)

Tomorrow I am leaving for a trip to Sweden, :wave_cry: and I won´t be back until Thursday! My bag is packed with shakes and bars. I am NOT going to give in!! No way!

Keep up the great work!

Day 5, here I come!
G: 10st7lb

Firstly a 2 lb loss is fab, its not 2lbs ON and it is not zero, nil, nought lost..so WELL DONE!!

I think you are probably have been and back from Sweden by now?..and will be reading this on Thursday? Wow how good will that be, freezing cold I bet but oh so good!

Can't help smiling at that... errm 'smilie' myself, it makes me think of me doing an beyonce impersonation!!! :banana dancer:

Good for you getting through mealtime with the family. My lot had a takeaway last night, and it took a fair bit of willpower AND the memory of my reality check to block out the aroma :eek: but I did it, and felt a little proud of myself :happy096:

Looking forward to hearing about your break, hope you were good? (no naughty food!) if not, well today is another day :)
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How to get back on the wagon and STAY! - Week 3

Long time no see!

Well I had a wonderful , just amazing time in Sweden. The fresh air, the snow (60 cm), the calm and beauty of the nature did me well.
What didn't really do me that well was the fact that all my friends kept on doing was EATING! My gosh, was that a difficult week. :17729:
But I made it through, I did!!

:clap: :clap:

Only to come back and get a serious case of the flu. So I've been in bed for the last 4 days, sniffling, feeling very sorry for myself. And I couldn't do the diet, anything else than chicken soup and crackers made me feel nauseous.
So 4 days of soup and crackers. Fell off the wagon. Doctor said it was absolutely out of the question to stay on a low calorie diet while sick. Threatened me with the chance of getting pneumonia. :eek:
But - I don't think I could have done anything about it. I feel a bit bad, I think I probably gained about 3-4 kgs, (DANGIT!!)

Feeling very frustrated, but I am back on again, feeling a bit better. Back at work, back to the shakes and back to getting in shape!

The weigh in after the Sweden trip = -3kgs! Pretty happy about that! :)

So, Im thinking about doing the Zumba tonight, but I don't know if I can bring myself to do it, I'm feeling quite weak.

Need a strengthening dose of reading all the inspirational diaries here.
Thanks guys. For being inspirational!

(Already miss the crackers and chicken soup, that was the joy of being sick)

G: 10st7lb
hello Jules

great to have you back, wondered where you had gone :confused:....thought you had decided to stay in your winter wonderland :) we almost bought a holiday home in sweden last year, think hubby sometimes regrets that we didn't!

Sorry to hear about your flu, hope you fully recover soon, maybe leave zumba to next week, don't want a relapse!!!

chicken soup and crackers sounds nice and something I would have while weight watching :eek:

Glad you had a good time while away, ease youself back on to your road to success.

Lovely to have you back on here to chat to :)
Rose -

It is amazing over there! One day I really want to be able to buy a little house there as well.....:)

Thank you for your reply :) Now I have some catching up to do reading your diary! :)