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How to get history in signature

i too have this problem, glad some one had an answer lol thank u! x


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:sign0144:When you are a newbie

You are in a group which has no avatar, limited signature space, no Private messaging other members, no sending email to other members and you cannot upload images to the gallery.

When you reach 20 posts you get avatar privileges and a larger signature space and can upload images to the gallery.

When you reach 50 posts, you get even more signature space, and private messaging and emailing is enabled.

You also need at least 50 posts for your profile page.

I hope you understand the privileges that you will receive for being a long term poster.

You can read more on the link below.


If you need any help please ask.

Love Mini xxx
well iv reached over 20 posts and my sig is still no bigger, where am i going wrong i wonder? x
ul have to let me know if u crack it cos so far iv not despite over 20 posts , all good fun trying tho :) good luck x
I've just done it you have to log off then back in and go to control panel-edit avatar/signature etc.



Hi Sarah-Louise

I can't add the weeks below my ticker like you have - so you must be doing something right! Your losses are great - are you on SS? I'm on SS+ and the odd day I don't have the meal but most times I do. I'm hoping to lose about 3-4lbs in my WI tomorrow - I'll be chuffed if I do - that'll be a stone in 3 weeks - yipee!
yey! i done it lol some how :) its as allylottolose says, u log off then log back on and hey presto! to add your weeks under your sig, go to user cp at top of page then ul be taken to control page, click on edit sig. in the edit box, add your text below your ticker and save, then it should appear. if that dont work let me know and il see if i can help.

im on week 5 of LL, so far so good, iv lost nearly 2 stone so im over the moon! looks like u too r having a great loss too! thats fantastic! how do u find it, all good for u? x
now for next trick, any one know how to get my pic to show wen i post? lol been trying for 20 min wiv no luck lol x



Your losses are fantastic - no wonder you're over the moon - well done!

I'm on SS+ and have to say am sticking to it as I am so fed up being this size.....I'm determined to get down to 10st something which I haven't been since 2001 when I did WW.....it took about 5 months to lose 2.5st but sadly I put it all back on since then, and some. I'm finding this quite ok so far, and have even managed a few dinners/lunches out with friends and am getting more confident asking for exactly what I want e.g. fish and salad or green veg with NO glaze/dressing etc.
good for u! i too am aiming for 10 st as iv not seen that since i was 15 yrs old! i was around 13 st for ages then it crept up to nearly 18st in 2004, i lost 4 st with healthy eating but put a st back on, stayed at around 14 st 9 for while then up it went again to 15 st 3lb so thought id stop it right there and get it right back down again! all fun and games :)

where in ireland r u from? my brother lives in n. ireland, london derry i think lol x
hi starlight, yes it says upload failed. would it be the pic is too big maybe? x
ok thank u il give it a go and will report back here lol hopefully it will work, fingers crossed x
50 posts to have a pic? that makes sense, thank u. gonna be buzy bee :) x

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