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How to handle being on lipotrim

its only my second day and the hunger pains are so bad i could actually cry i'm drinking lots of water and green tea with the shake and soup, i have the summer fruits shake in the mid morning and cream of vegetable soup in the evening, but all i can imagine is me eating Chinese food! any tips when do these pains go away ! ?? HELP!
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Are they not the maintanence shakes? Those flavours arnt part of the TFR plan.

Either way try not to think of the food, think of how much better you'll feel when the weight comes off.


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Are u supposed to be doing tfr? Those maintenance shakes are full of carbs and therefore don't allow ketosis which means your hunger pains WON'T go! If u are on maintenance then u can eat food too to help but sounds like u have the wrong products to me which can only see u fail as your body is gonna work against you! Hope I have not got the wrong end of the stick! X
well i rang my chemist and she said yeah i was on the wrong ones! and for her mistake shed give me a extra weeks supply! thnks for telling me i woulda kept thinking these were the right ones! :)
Wow, this forum is so great for helping everyone, isn't it...? How could you possibly have known until the first week was supposed to be up? Ridiculous. I hope the free week's supply was worth the suffering. *hug*


Sensibly losing :)
Fantastic!! Thats saved you some pennies - no wonder you were absolutely starving bless you!!! Heres to a fab loss then at their expense! :) xx

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You poor soul, I feel so sorry for you! Hope your useless chemist hasn't put you off LT for good! We're all behind you, hun. Good luck starting again - it will get easier, I promise. x :D


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If you still have the maintenance shakes hang on to them for the end of the diet. They are great to maintain. They won't go to waste. But lucky you copped it now!! It would effect your losses - i'm sure.

A few days on your new shakes and the hunger will be gone! (so will the weight!)
thank you all so much i know she said she thought they were all the same stuff! well i suppose she should cause the shakes i was using are worth only half of the real ones and i paid full whack after next week i might move chemist to get weighed in it hasnt put me off my brother strated last year he was 29 st and he was on it for 3 months and lost 13st anything that good i wouldn change my mind over some stupid girl who cant do her job! thanks soo much ladies! hope you all have great success and pleasure in you weight loss!! :p


Sensibly losing :)
13 stone! Amazing! Good luck xxx
Haha Leluna I was thinking the same....thought we were missing out on some fab flavours! To be fair any flavour other than choc, vanilla or strawberry would be fab!!!

Hope you quickly get to ketosis hun and the hunger stops xx
wow every 1s doing so good n well done x
loves this site so much it makes you not wanna give up and seeing how well every 1 is doing is just great i think i wud b lost without the support of all you guys soo thank you and well done everyone x

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