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How to make Chicken soup?

Its my fist day of LT and hubby has decieded to do it with me which is great as no cooking, my father normally comes round for Sunday lunch and he said he'd give us a wide birth for the first week to give us a helping hand. I have one question, see the chicken soups, do you mix that with the same amount of water as the shakes...:confused:
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Thanks louise, I'll prb add a little curry to mine and black pepper to my hubbys, just a mini pinch :) How are you finding it? We're only on the first day, im not finding it too bad, hungry though, my husbands getting a TOUCH OF THE GRUMPS THOUGH lol :0
I'm on my second attempt hun. Day 5 & I'm fine. Think I'm finally in ketosis today as I feel a little, "high".
I'll admit I've given in & had a little chicken last night but I think it's something I had to do to make me realise I don't want to eat (the guilt was horrendous).
It's a brilliant plan if you have the willpower. This site is fantastic when you need encouragement or your willpower needs a boost.
I'm sure you & your partner will do great. You've already doen the hardest part by starting it.
Week 1 is hard. Until you hit ketosis you will be hungry however your weigh days really do keep you motivated.
Loads better than 1lb on, 1lb off at slimming clubs.
Good luck hun, if you need any advice, just pop on here.
Thanks Louise, this is such a great place to come if your having a rough day and feeling low. 2nd Day now and feeling ok, drinking plenty and trying to keep the husband drinking. I don't know if he's going to make it, he's finding it really hard without food. :(


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I actually add about 400ml to the chicken soup. I add a little black pepper to my jug, pour in some boiled water and let the pepper soak for a bit. Then add the soup mix and stir with a whisk, once all nice and like a paste I continue to add boiling water so I have a generous bowl of soup. Yummy

I sometime do the same with the hot chocolate (minus the pepper) and sup that out of a bowl with a spoon.


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I've started making the soup with 750 mils of water and have it in two mugs every night. Fills me up for the night and it adds to my daily water intake.

I now make up the shakes with 500 mils of water so that too adds to the water so without trying too hard I can make sure that I have 750mils of extra water with the shakes so that doesn't make me feel like I am drinking huge amounts of water the rest of the day. I seem to be able to do 3ltrs which is the min that I would want to do.

Before doing the extra water I was finding it difficult trying to down the required water.
I tried the Chicken soup......yuk, cant stomach it. I'll be sticking to the strawberry and chocolate shakes.
Hubby cracked last night n went for the take away, I had shower whilst he ate. Day 3 now and today I feel like crap, Im shivery, my nose is bunged up n running at the same time lol. Think i may go to bed and have a dvd day and fingers crossed this will pass by tomorrow. Do you think its the start of ketosis? :)

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Eyes on the Prize!!
S: 16st13lb C: 16st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 39 Loss: 0st10lb(4.22%)
Sounds like ketosis to me!! I found feeling cold when others were warm a lovely advantage as I am always used to being hot when everyone else is cold. Guess it was all those extra layers I had/have been carrying around!! (soon to be discarded for the summer!!)

Well done for not caving in along with hubby!!!
It wasn't easy let me tell ya! But, I'm my sis in laws bridesmaid
in 9 weeks and the first fitting is in 6 weeks so desperatly need to do something.
My friend started lt last year and lost 9 1/2 stone so thought i'd give it a go. She asked me today if my hair was ok? Aparently some can fall out, how have you found that?



No longer a redhead though!
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Yes, really really well done for not caving in when your other half did!! Lisa x


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good for you for not giving in your definately in ketosis now so relish in the thought that your body is melting the fat away. i make the shake up with 12ice cubes and blend into a thick shake mmmmm delicious. also the soup i add a pinch of chilli powder for and extra kick and make a generous bowl (about 1pt)
Thanks guys, god this MiniMins is a great place, so so glad I found it. Must try the shake with 12 ice, I like the strawberry n choco ones. You all have done so well on the lt....congratulations on what you've lost so far. :D

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thanks for the tip about making the soup with more water ,ive been having this for my tea but have been getting really hungry about 7 .defo going have a go at that tomorrow x

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